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RE: And then it happened - MY TEENAGER HAS A GIRLFRIEND

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Nice perspective on the situation. We have a 10 year old daughter, so will be dealing with similar issues soon enough. I just realized you live in Cambodia. I have a Khmer wife (can't legally marry her in Cambodia) and her two kids from a previous marriage with me, now living in Suriname after the Cambodian government denied my work permit and visa after 10 years of no problems. We had a small restaurant in Kampot. I worked as a preschool and kindergarten teacher for years over there, even had my own Kindergarten in Kep once upon a time. I teach Khmer online to non-native speakers, most of my students live in PP and Siem Reap. How long have you lived there? Speak any Khmer?


Heya @justinparke if your wife is ever interested in joining the STEEM blockchain, we have a group of mamas that would welcome her with open arms.

We like to read each other's posts and give a safe space to learn about crypto on the blockchain.

Thanks for commenting on a mama post.

@metzli curating for steemitmamas.

@steemitmamas, I'm Sreypov , I has steemit already.I am sorry my English is not good! I know English very little bit.

You are welcome to join us. All languages welcome.

Click on the banner, see you on discord.

Thank you for responding and hope to see you soon.

hey @sreypov, I have many Khmer friends who post here :) There is also another blockchain almost identical to steemit that posts only in khmer!

So great to connect with you and your husband!

Thank you. Where can I find Khmer blockchain? <3 <3

Thanks you so much

That is @sreypov, my wife, but her English is limited and computer skills not up to par yet for making her first post, but we are working on it. For now I run a blog detailing our family adventures, but hope to get @sreypov to make her #introduceyourself post very soon.

She will do great. There is actually quite a large Khmer community here :) also another site I mentioned to your wife. My husband @philippe has the details for that. We will shot them through :)

hey @justinparke! So cool to connect with you. We have been living in Siem Reap for the past almost 8 years. I am a teacher and my husband and I own a little wine and tapas bar Picasso Bar, here.

My children speak Khmer well with on eldest daughter speaking fluently even in her sleep lol. She herself has been going on a few soup dates with young boys who dont speak any English so I have realized I most certainly need to work on my language skills which are great but only really enough for day to day business. My husband @philiippekiene speaks a little but not as much as the rest of us.

Who do you teach online for? My husband is working majority online as we have staff and a management team holding the fort for our business. He is always looking into new things to sink his teeth into.

Visas are becoming a little trickier now but thankfully for us, my school takes care of that for my family. I had a quick read and it looks like you guys are on a magical adventure.

SO fab to connect with you and your wife!!

Very interesting, I spent my first 4 years in Siem Reap, on Taphul Road mostly, worked at Western International School, Khmer Star and Federal International School. Wow! Your kiddos speak Khmer, bravo!

My online teaching is just private one-on-one lessons via messenger video. All my students are by word-of-mouth, as I have a good reputation in the towns I once lived. Otherwise, without a word-of-mouth recommendation, most foreigners are hesitant to learn Khmer from a non-native speaker. If you or your husband are ever interested in learning Khmer online, let me know. The time zone difference makes the window a bit small, but doable. So interesting to meet someone on STEEM with a similar Cambodian story.

I'm teaching @sreypov typing, and hope she will make an intro post someday very soon.