Parallelism Venezuela - Tribe of Dan in Israel

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The sacred writings describe a time in which, because they had no king, in the people of Israel, each one did what he / she liked best.

For some, this affirmation does not imply anything bad, more for the one who understands, what implies to live independently of the creator, is a sign of alarm and concern. On at least three occasions, the Holy Spirit emphasizes this theme (Judges 17: 6; 18: 1; 21:25).

Today, to our surprise we can be observed by God under a similar parallelism. Venezuela is going through a similar situation. There is no king in the hearts of many Venezuelans, that is, it does not #govern evil completely, but neither does Jesus rule. That is, we do not do the will of the Father, which is the same will of Jesus Christ, nor that of the representative of God on Earth, which is the Holy Spirit.

Each one does what he considers is the best, more at the end, the result that is obtained is not the desired one. Let's look at why, through what the nation of Israel lived.

1. Speaking denotes personality (Character).

A man named Micaia speaks to his mother telling him about money that she had lost. "Here they are, in my power".

Money for which Micaía's mother had uttered a curse.

To curse, for whatever reason, is a negative way that some people use to vent to the pressures of life (circumstances). The opposite of this action is precisely what God expects. Bless, glorify God, and people, in the face of any adversity.
Money is an object that is used by God, and by his adversary, to test our heart (faith, character, true personality).

In the case of Micaiah's mother, her happiness and state of mind, she was governed by the money she had. When he disappeared, his attitude changed, to the point of cursing, who had taken their money. She never thought, that the money could be taken by a close relative, much less by her own son, in that case she would not curse, to avoid the negative consequences on her family.

Now, Micaiah returns the money to his mother, and she declares that the money was dedicated to Jehovah.

It is important to note that what we dedicate (people, property, profession, trade, gift, talent, time) to Jehovah, becomes his property, and not ours. We must be very careful, very careful, because it is constituted as a consecrated article.

Once a Christian leader took part of the tithe money and offerings, to sin. This eventually led him to lose peace, joy, good name, leadership and marriage. Much is lost, when there is no discernment between what is consecrated to God, and what is not dedicated to the Lord.

The mother of Micaiah, interpreted in her heart, that God would like her to dedicate the money that she collected, to make a carving image and a casting one.

2. When there is no king, imagination rules.

Having no king, comes to represent, not only lack of political or civil government, but also lack of spiritual direction.

One of the definitions of the word religion is, all human effort to approach, or please God. In other words, what man imagines him. More the gospel of the Kingdom of God, is the idea of ​​God to approach man, to restore good relations (creator-creature, then father-son).

Once, when men began to populate the Earth, they decided to build a city and a tower, whose top would reach the sky, and they made a name, in case they were scattered, in other words, they did not agree with the decision of the creator of populating the earth, but to concentrate and live confined in that city. Immediately we observe, as God intervenes confusing his language, ending with this rebellion. Understanding rebellion as the desire of man to self-govern, without submitting to the decision of his creator. That is, without a king in life.

Making a casting or carving image represents a way of worship, which God does not approve (Exodus 20: 4,5).

Rebelion 2.jpeg


3. Idolatry is a spirit that infiltrates.

Idolatry is one of the sins that God condemns. At the same time it is a spirit that surrounds the human being, appearing in different forms.

Many believe they do not practice idolatry, because they do not prostrate themselves before an image of stone or wood. More they practice it through the cult of Mammon, god of greed, love of money, and possessions.

adoracion a mamon.jpeg


Others practice idolatry to famous musicians, soccer teams, political leaders, spiritual leaders, business motivators, and prominent people, in the area that the follower wants to reach. Even if they refuse to acknowledge it.

The most dangerous is when the Christian leader (sometimes unwittingly) promotes it, crossing the line of faith, to idolatry (disobedience to the Word of God).

mamon 4.jpeg


The spirit of #idolatry a, works as a team with the spirit of disobedience, and rationalism, which promotes that some Christian leaders defend and argue biblically actions and teachings, as does the tribe of Dan (one of the 12 tribes of Israel) at the time of the judges. Denoting, the non-existence of a king in his heart.

4. Looking for a possession is not a sin. Living without a king is.

Not having a ruler in our nation is surely not individual responsibility, it is the responsibility of everyone in the nation. More if there is no king, or ruler on the throne of our heart, it is personal responsibility.

The men of the tribe of Dan, did not have a territory to live in, they had to conquer one to dwell in it. They appointed some men to explore and recognize a good territory, invade it and possess it.

When as a human being, we are safe, idle, confident, and this becomes a habit, as happened with those of Sidon, there is a danger of being invaded, by those who value more than us, what we have, as was the cao of the tribe of Dan. Those who did not have a king, that is, who taught them and compelled them to obey the law, did each one what seemed best to him (Thursday 18: 1). Therefore we observed that they practiced the law of the strongest, even among themselves, as it was when they took the objects of Micaiah (Judges 18: 18,24-31).

In #Venezuela at this time the vast majority, including those who practice faith, behave similar to people without a king, each self-governed, strongly influenced by the authority of the first civil ruler of the nation. Which has affected the consequences we live, a nation without moral authority, because the legitimacy of our ruler, dissipated in the network of illegality and violations of the Constitution.

It is my #prayer to God that we meditate well on our way, not to place our hope in a person, for more spiritual, economic or social success, because this can displease God and become a form of modern idolatry.

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