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RE: Chamaeleo dilepis (Flap-neck chameleon)

in #palnet3 months ago

Exciting when you see one, these little guys are amazing in so many ways. Had amaller ones live a short while in the garden, have not seen any in ages which makes one sad!

Have a wonderful week @breezin


Hey Joan, hope you are well.

You know what I saved on in 2019 from a busy road, and put him here in the garden, somehow I cant help but wonder if it could be the same one...
WhatsApp Image 2019-01-24 at 19.03.33.jpeg
its probably not, but I can dream lol

If not perhaps family, who knows but a nice adult!

Trust you are well and happy to be back!

Oh you have no idea, it broke my heart to be away, and it was all such crappy timing.
So yes, elated to be back, thanks for asking.

Always good to be back, sure you returned with a lot needing attention from while you were away. Have a great new week.