Thanks, PAL!

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I feel like a dinosaur right now, but I just realized that there is something called PALCoin.....

Any way, I just claimed...

Screen Shot 2019-06-22 at 19.16.16.png

1412 PAL worth a staggering 282 bucks!

I am for any good initiative that will strengthen the Steem eco-system, so that we can show that Libra belongs in the library with old long-forgotten​ books.

I will definitively check out PALNet further, and contribute as much a possible.

Thanks Pal! I owe you one:)

Photos taken by @janusface on June 22 2019 with a Nokia 7.1

Thank you for your time and attention. Steem on!

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I did few trades with PAL and earn a decent amount as well! I see you got TRDO too! Prof don't forget to check it's prices from next week onward too ;) I am just saying, sometime, it might be interesting too!


I only got like 1300 pals! I might have to pick up some more soon! 😀

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Seems like 1412 pretty decent then. I have no clue how much PAL is really worth though. I have to do some research I guess.

It’s listed on steem engine 😬

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steem blockchain is rocking all the way