I lost 400 Steem in sports beware of token fall

in palnet •  7 months ago 

Sports token is based on total failure and greeding system where you stake sports and earn massive profit,
When i start sports i bought 13000 sports for 100 steem
After 1 month sports fall and i bought more 40000 sports for 100 steem
So on invested 400 steem in sports and earn only 50 steem back price fall 1500% since 1 month ,
So its totally volatile token due to massive production of sports token The admin of sports coin talked that we cannot do any thing with inflation and some one told me that official accounts by sports team daily sell tons of sports token and price is falling massivly ,
I fall in trap of sports and lossed 400 steem and still my all friends are in loss , so if you are newbie and thinking now to buy sports beware its a trap if you buy now after one month it will fall more 1000% so its very risky and greedy scheme.
I hope newbie if look this post should avoid to invest in sports or invest as much they can afford to loss thank you

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dil na ya kaha ha dilse muhabat hogai ha tumse

na chair malanga nu pa jan gay tangan nu

Nathan007 you are crazy when i start 1000 sports was equal to 12 steem now only 0.70 steem

When I started I paid 100 for 50 sports.

So what? You are self upvoting your own comments? You have been on Steem a long time with your different accounts . You know better than to self upvote your own comments . Many have been banned from Sportstalk for doing this.
You can't get banned from Steem but you can from the tribes like Sportstalk. Stop it. That's all I ask

Hi, thanx for your article and that is also what I am concerned of. But I think some people found the solution and I wrote an article about it. We all can help SPORTS to get back to the price where it was by burning the tokens, not selling those. Here is described how https://www.sportstalksocial.com/sportstalk/@ritxi/are-you-worried-about-sports-tokens-falling-price-burn-some-of-them

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