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Count me in as a senator

Excellent please join this server when you have the time:

Excellent. Things are speeding up at, hopefully site will be launched next week.


I would like to participate more fully, however I know myself. When it comes to consistency the only thing I am consistent at is my inconsistency. While I do occasionally drop into the Discord and Steemit chats, I have found myself not really enjoying very much time in them, and I have seen to many cut and paste of he said she said waa waa waa postings in steemit and other locales.

I will continue to follow and try to keep an eye out for outstanding content of a journalistic nature.

Thank you for the invite, and I hope there are enough people that take up the mantle


About the only time I check my email is when I signed up for something and need to verify through e-mail that I am me. I have literally thousands of unread emails in my account. two or three times a year I go and clean out the junk folder, I don't even bother looking to see if was or wan't junk, it just gets dumped.

I will likely visit the discord room on occasion especially if I see a post I think is real good. But I really don't need nor really expect tokens for pointing out good post, or great reads/views. I of course will have already voted for that post so any follow on votes to the post would be reward enough I think.


Here I am friend. supporting your future launch. thank you for the mention and the invitation from now I repeat you can count on me.

Greetings from Venezuela-

Hi, I'm @ayijufridar from Indonesia and work as a journalist and fiction writer. I have given birth to four novels and about 400 short stories I have published in several mainstraim mass media in Indonesia. As a journalist, I have worked as a contributor to the Associated Press and Asahi Shimbun for the Aceh region, Indonesia.

I will study the and want to join wiht this great community. Thanks so much. Warm greetings from Indonesia.

Excellent please join this server when you have the time:

I'm holding HBO tokens 😄

I logged into discord and found I was a Senator! Exciting times!!!

Well, thanks for the tag, though I might have been taking some rest from blogging on Steem, I am active on other Steem Dapps and Discord. Also, I have been following the project quite for some time, and do hodl some 5K tokens already :)
So, yeah, I am interested to be acting as a Senator. Let me know when I am assigned to the role!

I am from Turkey and I would like to participate in this project. Thank you for your valuable help

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Hi reestem y apoyando
Greetings from Venezuela