😜Wacky Wednesday! 🐙Show me Sea Creatures!🐙

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Greetings, Steemland!


and I'm feeling a little wacky 😜

...as usual.

💥The contests are OPEN TO ALL (ya don't need to be a Helpie to play).💥

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Last Week - 👉Tag a Friend! ⭐️

What?! We found new people! I'm so exicited!


We had quite a few folks play! The random wheel generator thingy is very pleasing. It makes sound and everything... Anywho... here's what happened...
And by random drawing...


💥 @chrismadcboy2016 wins 10 STEEM!💥

Screenshot 380_LI.jpg

💥 @qwerrie wins 100 PALCOINS!💥

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💥 @olivia08 wins 200 CreatiCoinCrypto (CCC)! 💥

Screenshot 381_LI.jpg

Now... what to do today...?

LOL! I have no idea...

🐙Show me Sea Creatures!🐙

Alright, you guys, you may or may not know this... but monsters live in the oceans. Many people refer to them as 'sea creatures', but don't be fooled! These literal monstrosities, big or small, are obviously terrifying creatures of the deep.

So... scare me. Find me pictures of monsters of the sea!!!!


  • 👉Share a pic of a sea creature in the comment section.
    • Remember: They come in all shapes and sizes... but all terrifying!
  • BONUS to anyone who can find a CUTE, but still scary creature.
  • DEADLINE to enter: When post pays out (or thereabouts). I'll announce the winners and a new contest next Wednesday!

😍That's it!😍

All qualifying participants will receive HLPE tokens!
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How to Win HLPEs & STEEM!

That's right! One lucky, random winner will receive THREE STEEM. Follow all directions and you have a chance. 😎

This week I will also be giving away 20 CCC (Creative Coin Crypto) to the scariest entry.

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Hey there!
Here my participation.
Made in my mobile phone with Sony Sketch App for Android.

Oh! I love it!

Wow! hehe, I never expect that. Thank you so much @helpie

Hi, here is my entry scary but cute sea creature with a little guy beside the big guy hehe. Thank you and have a nice day.

I resteem this but I never read the contents. I'm so sorry for not giving my gratitude on time @helpie. But here I am to say thank you so much. Late is better than never. So much appreciated! Congratulations @chrismadcboy2016 and @qweerie.
Steem on!

My entry:ee3p4wsb26.jpg

Hello @helpie, this is a kind of sea creature that will let you cry like a child if ever you accidentally step it down. When I was a child, it happened to me and it was painful.

Another dangerous sea creature.
Do you know that I eat cucumber? There is black, white and brown. So delicious.


A friendly starfish is so friendly, never move when I touch.
Taken during vacation last January in the Philippines,

Thank you @helpie

OMG! These ARE scary!
Do you know any of the names of them? Specifically the pokey black ones?

I think it is one kind of sea urchin and in my native language, it called tuyom. If you will hit your foot, you will be crying from pain. Or you mean the black like a snake? It is called sea cucumber. It tastes so delicious. We eat them and they have a variety color of white, black, brown, and gray. Anyway, they are all delicious seafood.

I hope I'm still qualified to enter, anyway most of their creatures were scary. How about some nails, lol
That's a closer, how about with many of them..IMG_20190511_100844.jpg

mine is not scary but delicious. sorry for the entry. lol

LOL! "not scary, but delicious" 🤣

I dunno... dats pretty scary...