😜Wacky Wednesday! 🎄Christmas Stories!🎄

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Greetings, Steemland!


and I'm feeling a little wacky 😜

...as usual.

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Last Week - 😏Oopsie Whoopsie!😏

LOL! Ever do something that is just a whoopsie? Me too.



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Now... what to do today...?


🎄Christmas Stories!🎄

Today is literally Christmas day! Let's spread some love and cheer around and talk about wonderful things that happen on or around Christmas. Do you remember a special gift you got that really meant a lot? Do you always bake cookies with your family? What are some traditions you hold dear during this time? Has something magical ever happened to you during the holidays?


  • 👉Share a Christmas story.
    • It can be anything, but it must be positive and filled with love.
  • 👉Share a Christmas pic or gif.
  • DEADLINE to enter: When post pays out (or thereabouts). I'll announce the winners and a new contest next Wednesday!

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Happy christmas!

Great, thank you dears! 😍

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2017 my christmas gift is titan watch


Greetings, everyone.
I've never been a Xmas person, but I have had my magical moments. During my childhood Xmas did not mean much after you were 9 or 10 years old. After that you stopped getting presents.
For different other reasons I grew disillusioned with the whole Xmas spirit crap. But time passed, I married, graduated and went to the States for grad studies. Two of my daughters were born there. We witnessed many acts of kindness during the seven years we spent in the States, but those that happened around Xmas were the most memorable.
One particular Xmas that we were alone, no friends from our country around, let alone relatives, and not much money for presents, we got a knock at the door. It was a group big people from a local church who were walking under freezing weather singing Xmas songs door by door to those willing to listen to.
Additionally they had presents for the children of each home who were not going to get any.
We were moved beyond words. I wanted to hug each one of them, give them hot coffee or chocolate, but Americans are not very fond of hugs and they kindly declined the invitation to get inside and warm up.
That was one of the many nice things that happened to us around Xmas time and I hope my children, now big, will always remember that and replicate those acts of kindness.

Awe. 🥰 Thank you for sharing!

And I'm not sure where you were staying, but in the midwest, Americans are ALL about hugging. In fact, if you are a rare person who doesn't like to hug... ya gotta stay on alert cause it's likely you'll get hit from behind. 😆 For real, it's polite to not go out when you're sick because of all the hugging... at the store. 😆

Anywho- I'm so glad you got to experience some Christmas spirit. 🥰 -@carrieallen