😜Wacky Wednesday! 🐶Animals!😻

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Greetings, Steemland!


and I'm feeling a little wacky 😜

...as usual.

💥The contests are OPEN TO ALL (ya don't need to be a Helpie to play).💥

Wanna know more about joining Helpie? Info down below. 🤩

Last Week - 😜 Gif it to me!😜

WE HAVE A WINNER! I mean, someone entered! Yay!

And by (no) random drawing...


💥 @ninahaskin 💥

Now... what to do today...?




We all love 'em! Dogs, cats, bunnies, horses, tigers, penguins, piggies... the list literally can go on forever. Tell me about your buddies OR just your favorite type of creature!


  • 👉Do you have pet? Share! Share! Share!

    • If you don't, what is your favorite animal? And tell me why. I NEED to know!
    • If you DO, tell me all the things! Name, funny stories, the works!
  • 👉 Include a picture... the cuter the better.

  • DEADLINE to enter: When post pays out (or thereabouts). I'll announce the winners and a new contest next Wednesday!

😍That's it!😍

All qualifying participants will receive HLPE tokens!
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How to Win HLPEs & STEEM!

First by RANDOM DRAWING!!! That's right! One lucky, random winner will receive not ONE, but TWO STEEM. Follow all directions and you have a chance. 😎

EVERYONE who enters and completes all tasks will receive HLPEs!

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Wanna reach out to us? @paintingangels is a scout.😍 You can find her in discord - paintingangels(serena)#3668. She'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about Helpie, and can give you the information you need in order to possibly join our community. And while we're at it.... find me in Discord! carrieallen#9415 😍


@carrieallen @eonwarped @isaria @swelker101 @paintingangels @bflanagin


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We @ttsproductions having seen the trend of your work ,will vote for helpie at witness

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Thank you so much!

Oh! I love it!

And truth be told... I don't really come back to this post until the next week! I should really start doing that...

Anywho... I gave you a little upvote love since it was so close to payout I couldn't helpiecake it.

Thanks for playing!

I'm excited to read about your pet culture! Make sure you send me the link! (I'm bad at catching things in my feed...)

Thanks for your appreciation. Sure, I'm planning to write it elaborately. And I will knock you in discord, maybe! 😅

How awesome to be the Wacky Wednesday winner! Thank you so much! @helpie 👏💕👏

Hello there here's my cat looking away..I just picked him so I haven't named him yet.
funny stories? let's...did you know that he love to **"AW-AW? He's a cat you know, but why not "meow-meow?" You know I'm kidding right? lol

Nothing funny but I enjoyed watching him..

Awe! What a tiny little buddy!

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