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Greetings, Helpies and Steemians of all walks!

It's time for your monthly Helpie


Join me, @carrieallen, as I get you up to date on all the haps.

☕Sit back, grab a cup of joe and get ready.

Helpie Witness Server has been DISABLED- January 28, 2020

During this last year, @helpie had to do several power-downs to be able to pay to run the Witness. We decided to STOP the @helpie WITNESS server on January 28, 2020.

Why stop?

Info from past Update.
When initially starting the witness we decided it was a good idea to 'up our support of the blockchain' and @helpie was doing well. We now have the beloved @helpiecake Bakers (curators) and our focus has found it's home... in the kitchen😉. Each time we had to power-down and take away potential upvote power from excellent authors I was super sad. We kept holding out for steem to increase, in hopes it would be easier for us to pay the bill... but it simply hasn't.

Rather than continuing this path and possibly running out of stake all together, we decided we are most useful as a curating project... and we need steem power for that! 😍 Thus, no more witness... at least for now.

If you have ANY questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to one of us. ❤️

Remember: If you were voting for us you now have a free spot!

Overall in Discordland...

It's been pretty quiet ... still. Though I have a feeling as crypto moons (it's moonin', ya'll) we'll see a bunch of folks return. Feel free to pop in and say hi if you're bored or visit the grumpy-chat if you're feeling feisty. 😎 Not a Helpie yet, but interested? More on that below... it's way down there. 😏

Helpiecake Curation Team (The Bakers)

❤️As mentioned above...This is the heart of Helpie.❤️ We 'bake' posts by curating and sending a bit of cake and love to all those who are going above and beyond... and need a little boost. I really think that manual curation is the most rewarding. And now that I (@carrieallen) am spending a couple of hours a day on it, it's less of a chore and more of something I look forward to! There's so much amazing content here to consume!

Thank you to all our fabulous bakers!!

This month we 'baked' 822 posts! That's all manual, baby!

We have channels and bots set up (thanks @eonwarped ! ) in our private Helpie Discord server to make it super easy to submit posts to be Helpiecaked (yes, I've made it a verb). It even tags the person who baked the post! Oh! And now there's a Spanish bot for the Spanish posts too! 😍

And... we have a group of AMAZING curators (and creators too) who spend time looking for those lost gems.

🍰Our Current/Active Helpiecake Bakers🍰:



Have you received some HLPE tokens lately and don't know what to do with them?! You've come to the right place.

Check out THIS POST on all the ways you can currently EARN HLPE tokens (on and off-chain). There's also a Step-By-Step tutorial (with pics) on how to REDEEM those HLPE for upvotes. 😍

Still confused? Reach out! We ARE Helpies, after all. 😍

How to access your HELPIE tokens (or any tokens on Steem-Engine)

The easiest way to view, send and receive any steem-engine tokens is via the browser add-on called KEYCHAIN, created by Witness #1 on the STEEM blockchain, @ yabapmatt.

STEEM Keychain.png



Not only are you able to easily deal with all your tokens, but KEYCHAIN stores multiple STEEM account passwords and keys for you. It's completely safe. No one, not even Matt, has access to your passwords. If you have any questions or concerns about the application feel free to reach out. Otherwise...

You can also access and do 'all the things' at Steem-Engine.com.😊

As always, if you find yourself in times of trouble... Just ask!



Past HELPIE Updates

Introducing Tira Misu
JULY 2019
JUNE 2019
MAY 2019
APRIL 2019
Helpie Token Rewards Distribution Guide
MARCH 2019

Helpie is an invite-only community. If you'd like to be considered to be a member of @helpie please consider joining Palnet / MSP and participating actively there, we have scouts looking for the right minnows to support, and they will reach out with a private invitation.

Wanna reach out to us? Do it! We're actually pretty nice. Find me in Discord! carrieallen#9415 😍


@carrieallen @eonwarped @isaria @swelker101 @bflanagin


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It sucks that the witnesses who truly are community-minded can't afford to run their witness because of the price! I hope it recovers soon. Do you plan on turning your witness back on if the price goes high enough to make it sustainable?

We do!
Really, if Steem picked up just enough, we'd be able to turn the witness back on and have no reason NOT to.

A lot of us put a lot of time (and money) into our beloved blockchain and at a point, it gets harder to keep a balance.

The steem price being so low was/is just too hard to gain enough steem from our posting. No one wants shit posts every day, so we were trying a 'once a week' and a 'once a month' post. This simply wasn't enough... but in the future, it could be!

We'll keep our options open. And in the meantime... we'll keep on curating. 🥰

Oh, no I'm sad. I like curator witnesses the best but they are a dying breed.

No worries, nothing actually changes since we still curate. And we're all still helpie-ing in the background.

I can't remember what rank helpie was but I'm always sad to see the witness power even more concentrated in the hands of whales and developers. Variety is always a pleasure.

I wonder if it could be crowd funded? A report once a month would get some upvotes combined with witness pay out that's an okay chunk. The rest could be asked for in direct donations. Just promote the single post from a separate account (helpie-witness) that is on powerdown.

I think running a witness server is around 50$ a month which is 333 Steem at 0.15$

I've been doing a report once a month (links above) AND had been doing a WEEKLY contest for almost a year exactly. The point of these two things was to (hopefully) bring in enough upvotes to pay for the Witness. But... that never happened. While we do get the occasional BIG upvote from someone, most of our followers are little fish.

And spending money to 'promote' also just doesn't seem smart when we just don't have any INCOME.

Have any tried and true ways or suggestions I'm missing?

I'm willing to try all the things... but only for a year. LOL! It gets sad, ya know, trying SO HARD, being VERY consistent and getting nuttin' in return... when all I'm trying to do is get enough in return to keep on keeping on. 🥰

But... like Eon said, we ARE our curation initiative and folks can still delegate SP to help pump that up. By stopping the witness we are at least ensuring that the little votes we CAN offer don't continue to dwindle.

Oh! We were like at 42... so not too bad. 😘

42 is really good and probably sustainable if Steem's value is reasonably high.

Some curation projects have daily posts which seems a bit much, unless beneficiaries are set, but I think weekly posts are good.
Hope you come back onlime when the situation changes.

Hi @eonwarped

I just visited your profile to check out if you posted anything interesting lately, just to realize that you didn't publish anything in a long while.
Hope youa are well and didn't give up on steemit yet.

Cheers, Piotr

Heya, yes I'm still around. Too busy to post, but may go around commenting (I keep saying that.. )

Hi again @eonwarped

Glad to see that you're still around :)

Can I ask you for little favour? I joined contest called "Community of the week" with project I manage and I would be grateful if you could RESTEEM it and help me get some exposure and drop some encouraging comment :)

Link to my post: on steemit or on steempeak

Thanks :)
Yours, Piotr

This saddens me... but I know its for the better.😄

Everything will come to an end some day.. I think you decided wisely.
You are a great support for new and old users and even without a witness server you will stay a big and important pillar of the steem house.

Thank you so much, @tibfox! I believe this too!

Really, when things end it makes space for new beginnings!

Thank you for being a part of Helpie!

En mi pueblo hay un dicho: "a veces, es mejor dar un paso al costado y seguir su camino".

Creo que hoy aplica muy bien, porque no están retrocediendo, solo dando un paso a un lado y concentrarse en otra cosa, (algo bueno que les está dando excelentes resultados) y seguir avanzando, felicidades por eso.

¡Gracias! Sí, estamos avanzando. 🥰

@helpie, Your decision of disabling Witness Server is unfortunate to know but reason sounds very practical and productive. Hope that now Curation Journey will going to touch new heights. Stay blessed team. 🙂

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Thank you for your support, as always @chireerocks!

Welcome. 🙂 👍

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Hi @carrieallen! I want to thank you for supporting all of those posting quality content. I, like so many have been helped by @helpie and @helpiecake.. Which leads me to a question..

I want to give back and help others. I want to delegate to the cause, Should I delegate to helpie or helpiecake? I don't know why I am so confused.. HELP!!!

Thanks! :-D

I think I found the answer.. @helpie?? Well if not, that's who got the delegation :-)

Yes! @bdmillergallery Delegate to @helpie!|

Helpie is where the votes come from when our bakers curate. We do have the helpiecake account (with a little sp), but that is used as the trigger for the bot.


The many little fish in this ocean thank you.

Hahaha. Love it! I’m glad I can help a little. ☺️

Thank you for being forward with your decision and continuing on with curation efforts ❤️ Much Love

What's next Please 🙏 ?

What should I do? Wait

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