The Old Normal

in palnet •  2 months ago 

Same as the "new" normal, but with less rush hour traffic.

This little feelgood piece is dedicated to @fulltimegeek in thanks for all he does for the blockchain. His brief cameo toward the beginning really sets the stage for the ensuing absurdity in the rest of the video. If you haven't already seen his chucklefest of a YouTube channel, you should go check him out!

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I have watched this MULTIPLE times and still can't find the hidden artifact!!!! grrrr ... lol, don't tell me where it's at! I'm just expressing my frustration :)

ps. Damn good editing @ 35-36secs ... I really thought that he was singing along hehe.

pps. Thanks for the throwback in the beginning!!!

ppps. If you're looking for another nerd that is trying to help humanity check out Austin Steinbart (aka Q)... he's like me but with a lot more crypto, followers and videos to Harkviewfy.

HUMANITY IS RISING ... hopefully ...

Oh, believe you, me... I've been quitely keeping an eye (get it? Because I'm an ibal with headphones? Har har) on Young Bartenstein for a while. Is that really him over at @austinsteinbart, or is it some nifty wizard's sock? Hmmm...

As for not giving away all the hidden goodies, here's a freebie. There are generally always 4 of them. Ya gotta slllooowww things down to discover them. And THAT's not by accident, I dare say.



This account is not someone who I would suggest supporting any further. I'd be happy to explain in private. I believe I have Quite a bit of Info to review before passing your own judgment, but essentially it's someone who is well known for stealing, lying, doxxing, and harassing. You're free to do as you will but I will say for the record that it's NO COINCIDENCE the she's interested in Austin... she's got quite a history of screwing with the wrong people.

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 8.26.36 PM.png

For those of you who have not already seen @fulltimegeek's OG vid that was inspired this thing, it's worth a peek. This is the kind of news report I wish was on irl TV. I'd totally hook my cable back up if it were. But it's not so I'm sticking with my 2007 decision to keep it out of my house.

A beautiful soul, just like you @harkviewcinema, I'm ever grateful our paths crossed Sis 😍 😘

100% squish!

Stay on Steem...
Hive is not going to be good to you.
I Promise!

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 9.03.16 PM.png

That was VERY well done!

Murder Hornets are my kind of McGuffin

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