The NEW Plandemic

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Do you see what I see?

I try, very diligently not to watch the "news". I mean, let's face it. There's nothing new about it. Also, whenever I do look at it, it makes my slap reflex go ZING!

The condition "We" are in today has been intricately engineered and carefully maintained on its carefully thought-out track for many years, leading up to the present day. If you were able to ask the "They" in charge how they're enjoying the show, I bet it'd get rave reviews. We humans don't disappoint when it comes to entertainment value.

The only way I can cope with what I see out there is to set it to music and make it dance its ugly ass off. I hope you'll get a little chuckle out of how that exercise translates to video.

Here's the playlist of vids that were used in this thing in case you wanna look at some horrible "real" life material. Some of them are a little hard to watch. The rest of them are totally fucked up. Enjoy!


Great artivism as always, reblogging!

Sanksy! I love. You is best of the goodest, yes okay right yes.

LOL, I spotted the one on the bible without slowing down the video.

And the one on the tv screen at the airport. (video playing at 1x)

Atta Geek!

I also spotted the one at 13sec (bike wheel) at 1x !!!

I'm probably going to watch the vid at 1x a few more times and then I'll cheat with a 0.25 replay. Thanks for the fun activity :)

It looks like I found just about all of em (except for the first 2 in the first 3 seconds) without resorting to a 0.25 playback.

Your devotion is remarkable. I'm remarking on it.

The plandemic didn’t work enough as planned so they now onto racial and civil rights to try and bring down the final part of the economy so they can give your CBDC to bail them out! The citizens are playing along perfectly, as for me I’ll peacefully protest by buying more BTC



I want to say thanks for the follow in a dramatic way but I'm sort of simple. So here is David Bowie in some real weird allover pants to show my appreciation through interpretive dance.

I really like a reply that trips me right out :)

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Neat-o! Can you not pollute my comments with jazzy announcements about how super I am? I'd like that a lot.

Just write the word STOP and you ll never hear from us again 🙂
cheers, liz


lol you actually have to write it. only one word as a comment: STOP - not that difficult

Like so?


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That's how you infect their mothership with a virus so that they can't spam your posts anymore.


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#dying 😂 😍


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