Help! I Can't Stop Talking Like Hitchcock!!!

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Good Evening

This post is an unabashedly desperate cry for help.

Ever since the production of the following video wrapped, one has been perpetually troubled by a rather disturbing phenomenon, wherein one is unable to compose sentences (both in simple text form, as well as auditorially) without unintentionally invoking Mr. Hitchcock's particular manner of speaking. In fact, The preceding sentence, at least within my own head, was narrated by him. That last one was, as well. The following one, will, no doubt be the same.

Perhaps it could be said that the necessary immersion into the master's profoundly cerebral imagination during the construction of this video, carried one a bit too deeply into the influence of his endlessly clever and entertaining style of communication. It is, what some might describe as, a pickle.

Can you hear it?

One has grown rather concerned that this condition may be irreversible and would dearly appreciate your assistance. If any of you have suggestions as to how to escape this unfortunate trap, one is all ears... er, eyes... er, really EYE, more appropriately.

Incidentally, one of the more creatively-minded members of the channel's currently diminutive fanbase thought that perhaps the way out for me was an increase in the number of subscribers to the channel. The idea being, that if more people were observing the thing, perhaps its psychological impact would be diluted and, thusly, less oppressively intrusive on my own mind. I suppose it is worth a try...

If you need me, I can be found under my desk, trying very hard not to think any thoughts. It's the only way I've been able to silence Hitch's narration. Meanwhile, here is the thing. It comes with a warning: if it happened to me, it could very well happen to you! That being said, I hope you will enjoy it for what it is worth.


HAHAHAA I hate when that happens :)

Wait... you mean it's not just me this happens to?

Your creativity is beyond measure.

You have excellent taste in immeasurable creativity.