The GIPHY token | Earn GIPHY and trade on Steem Engine!

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What's the TL ; DR?


  • Earn 1 GIPHY token by invoking @giphy in comments.
  • Earn 1-100 GIPHY tokens by upvoting @giphy's replies (1% upvote = 1 GIPHY).
  • EDIT: Due to abuse of the rewards system by several greedy users, the reward is now 1 GIPHY per upvote. These users have now been blacklisted.
  • Buy and sell more GIPHY on Steem Engine.
  • Delegators and a select few users have already received an airdrop.
  • Future airdrops, circulation and token utility will be announced at a later date.

Did you know?

You can invoke @giphy with more than one search term by adding a + between words?

!giphy captain+america

Our delegators

A heartfelt thanks goes to:

  • organduo: 2000 SP
  • contrabourdon: 50 SP
  • partitura: 25 SP
  • amico: 50 SP
  • hatoto: 10 SP
  • leysa: 10 SP

@giphy will be upvoting your posts and comments as a thank you.


How to keep GIPHY running

  • Delegate a little SP to @giphy to give it ample opportunity to comment. @giphy will upvote your posts and comments as a thank you!

Delegation links: 5 SP, 10 SP, 25 SP, 50 SP, 100 SP

  • Upvote the comments that @giphy leaves. Payouts will be powered up to provide more GIFs on the blockchain!
  • Any other STEEM/SBD donations will be used to provide ongoing support to @giphy for all Steemians.

What are you waiting for?
GIF away in the comments!



UPDATE: Due to abuse of the rewards system by several greedy users, the reward is now 1 GIPHY per upvote. These users have now been blacklisted.

!giphy disappointed

wiat is giphy ok with this? ur gonna just use giphys logo? i dont think thisis a good idea, this is what will get all of stee engine shut down dude, u should use ur own original name

why cantit just be teh GIPH token?/

U realize by stealing a copyrighted or trademarked logo and name ur like stealing their brand recognition?

Yeah thats why people notice it better

its like if i just made the coca cola token and started acting liek a coca cola official

maybe thsi can work but if u ever make any money off this giphy will be mad

lol but if u just let giphy buy this system that woudl be ok

show hgiphy this tell them u will give them a majoritys hare in the token creation or maybe they can allow peopel to buya nd stake the tokens to get some free advertsiing on giphy website or something

Sorry for the delayed reply @ackza.
@giphy has approval from GIPHY—including the token. We just had to add a statement informing that @giphy is not affiliated with GIPHY. They are happy for us to continue :)

!giphy cheers

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!giphy love

!giphy totally+awesome

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This is gonna be great. :) another cool thing to use! I had seen this a few places before, but I love this! I’ll be using it a fair amount, I suspect. Lol

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!giphy look+plz

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Oh wow. I love this graphic, it's so cool! :)

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!giphy trophy

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!giphy wonderful

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!giphy totally+rad

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!giphy profit

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@contrabourdon how can i check token balance in my acccount

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Check wallet or

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!giphy sounds+great

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!giphy awesome

!giphy nice


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!giphy plagarism

!giphy testing

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