TL2IVM Online Marketing Mastery Token Giveaway!

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Hey, you like Online Marketing Webinars?

You like CTP Tokens?

Well, I have a deal for you. Tomorrow night at 8pm est is the TL2IVM Online Marketing Mastery LIVE Facebook Stream. You can RSVP HERE.

I will be giving away 150 CTP Tokens to some lucky attendee. I will then weekly give up 50% of my unstaked tokens to make this an ongoing promotion.

How to get a bigger jackpot? Well, upvote this post and any post from me that you see. The bigger the upvote, the more CTP Tokens I can give away.

Are you in? Reply in the comments.   :)

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I will be there tonight Rob! Resteeming this to get more viewers!

Thanks for your generosity.

That's worth forgetting about time-lag :)

Mike Dell won 150 and Jon Olson doubled it!