Palcoin report #28 - After Proof Of Moderation

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The post is divided into 4 parts: PAL bidding system, Stake allocation, Circulating supply & liquid PAL, Price. Everything will be daily updated, and we will see how it changes over time. If u have any idea for some stats, let me know :)

No claimdrop stats already, 48 hours left, just a few people claiming every day. We can expect around 40% claimed.
Also, moderators just get rewards from Proof Of Moderation. I expected charts to change much more with that.

PAL bidding system

PAL bidding system was used 773 times in total for the total amount of 4866 PAL.
In the last 24 hours used 36 times, for 221 PAL.
Average value per day: 221 PAL


Stake Allocation

From now, on top 1 is an account created to downvote spam on palnet, with 100K PAL in stake. I will include that in total stake but ignore for allocation chart.

Total staked pal: 1.853 M PAL 5% raise in 24 hours
Top 99 accounts: 63.37%
Top 100-200 accounts: 10.25%
Rest: 200-1730 accounts 26.36%



To be in the top 100 u need to stake 2500 PAL, for the top 200 u need to stake 1227 PAL.

Circulating Supply & Liquid PAL

I am going to ignore token sale order as it is out of the game, for now, to calculate liquid PAL.

circulating supply: 15.115 M
token sale order: 12.610 M
staked PAL: 1.853 M - 73.7 %
Powered down PAL: 66K 2.6 %
liquid PAL: 0.595 M - 23.7 %


That may be a very important factor for future price development


The volume at 1800$. The price is little up, in frame 0.42-0.44, Big buy wall at 0.4


*Disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor. The content in my post only serves as information about PAL. Any information in this article is not an advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell. :) *
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Thanks for the stats! Could you briefly explain or give a pointer to read up on what the "PAL bidding system" actually is?

All of those new platforms PAL, LEO and others have their own bidding bot. U can exchange tokens for upvote in steem(only in steem, bots don't stake tokens). A portion of tokens send to bot are burn, rest goes to SP delegators. Value of vote is calculated from the actual price, and gives small profit, same as with other steem bidding bots.

Even DEC earned by playing Steemmonsters can be redeemed for votes.

link to detailed information about PAL bidding system

It's nice to test it when the price is up :)

thanks a lot for the insights! :)

Many thanks. Always love to see some statistics, and exact figures.

Many thanks. Always
Love to see some statistics,
And exact figures.

                 - onealfa

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Also, moderators just get rewards from Proof Of Moderation.


10k PAL for each moderator, check whitepaper. For 11 months, every month