dCity.io - HIVE in reward pool, BeeSWAP, Update on popularity

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HIVE Reward Pool

Next saturday you will get STEEM and HIVE tokes from the reward pool ... Also from now rewards will be sent to top 150 players :)



We created easy tool to change your STEEM or HIVE to pegged token on Steem-Engine or withdraw it back as not pegged token.

Steem-Engine not working properly in last days. If you need to trade try:

Popularity update

Finally we are updating popularity effect. As I told in previous post, linear effect of popularity creates too much population for big cities and some players have thousands of unemployed people. With this update, value of population will increase and game will be little bit harder :)

old popularity effect: 1 + (popularity*0.001)
new popularity effect: 1 + (popularity^0.7)/100

population = population_cards * popularity effect


For now we will focus on development of incoming update as we need to wait for Hive-Engine before making any move to hive... In a perfect scenario few days after move to new Engine, we could roll out update with new assets, technologies and government :)

If you are new to this game check my previous posts, visit: https://dcity.io

and discord:



Uhhwiiii :))

I need to swap, ASAP!

Wonderful update :-)

Looking forward to dcity's future versions ✌️

I just bought a card for 4 steem and I got a garbage dump. I don't know what I need to do next...

Garbage dump is a good card later in game (with at least 10 different cards).
Now it is only damaging your city with its negative popularity.

I would offer a swap: your dump for 1 homeless, 1 immigrant and 1 restaurant card. Should be a fair offer, if anyone offers more: feel free to post here :)

If you are interested: simply send the garbage dump to my account (hamsterpoweriii). Will notice it and send the promised cards right back to you 😀
(A reply here would help to fasten up the resend even more ^^)

I will keep it and grow my city with it while learning the game. I bought 4 more cards this morning.


Then I would at least suggest that you put it on the market for a very high amount (just say 100 steemp, noone will buy it).
This way you wont suffer its heavy -30 population penalty for not having 10 other different card types.

Edit: Ah, already done :) gj ^^

Yes, put it for 12 Steemp and bought 6 cards and reached position 179 on the chart.

Thanks for the update.

Bye bye linear popularity, and hello dual rewards! Keep up the great work! 👊

Only the 10 first top users on the rank are being "negatively" affected by the new popularity =) Everyone else got a bump! =)

Nice. Double rewards... STEEM being spent immediately on cards LOL (on my side at least)

Hi @gerber, thanks for your great work. I found that you created the account @hivefinex Could you give that account to me? I'm not sure whether I run the hive version of @steemfinex anytime soon, but it'd be great if I could have that account. Many thanks.

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catch me on discord

Sure thanks!

Great job 👍