Royal Canadian Mint - Tall Ships Collection

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Since i notice a lot of members from #steemsilvergold community posting and showing their rounds i have decided to start showing mine as well. Just in case you miss it @raybrockman posted 2019 STEEM SILVER ROUND, ROUND 2!, where you can vote for the next design of 2019 Steem Silver Round, and of course no matter what community will vote i will go and purchase one. I do hope @edxserverus design will win!

Today i will show you one round from Royal Canadian Mint and part of Tall Ships Collection. I have been away work related and most of the time in Halifax, Saint John - New Brunswick and New York and took a lot of coins from all this three places. This particular one i purchase in Saint John, in a local Coins and Collectables shop, run by a cool guy Steve Small.


The coin is 20 dollars coin and is certificated to be 99.99% fine silver with a weight of 31.39 grams (just a bit over one troy oz) and a diameter of 38 millimeters. Designed by Canadian artist Bonnie Ross, it's hologram features a full rigged ship with three masts in full sail.


The obverse features the portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, by artist Susanna Blunt. As well the coin has a limited mintage of 20000 worldwide.
Really love the way the coin is boxed and i my case it came with a cool black cover as well.. I hope you enjoy this beautiful coin and slowly slowly i will start adding more coins!


Beautiful coin! I hope to include a copy of it in my commemoratives collection.

It is a beautiful coin! I know you have a lot of coins from Royal Canadian Mint (and if i am not wrong they come in the same boxes) so for sure you can add this one specially it have a 20000 mintage supply.
Looking forward to see more of your collection as it is really impressive and as i mention slowly slowly, as time will allow me i will add more from what i purchase lately...

That is a beautiful ship coin, @georgemales. I have three silver pieces featuring ships. One is from Canada. If you promise to check it out, I shall write an article about it and tag you! I am glad that you ant to start adding more coins in your collection. I am a stacker more than a collector. And I just followed you!

Hi @silversaver888!
Thanks a lot for the follow and you have to know that i am already following your account for a while so i know you are more of a stacker rather then a collector. I am stacking as well and most in Canadian Maple Leafs and American Eagles, but when i see some beautiful coins i just take them not necessary because of their rarity or value and just because of their beauty... If you write an article about the three silver pieces featuring ships that you have for sure i will check it out!

Oh, Sailing ship! My dream is to travel on a sailing ship.

Travel on a sailing ship sounds like a lot of fun and can be a real adventure specially if it's a pirate ship!