Which time is the best time to be alive? Now or back then?

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The world we live in is as old as mankind. Many generations have come and gone. People from all works of life and with very many skills, talent and intellect have existed and died. Here we are today. Our times has been qualified with several adjectives. Some say we live in the jet age. Others say we are in the modern era. However you describe it, ours is probably the most civilized and developed generation ever to exist. Just consider some of the advances made in our time in various areas of life that we take for granted.

1. Communication: Its very easy to send messages across to any part of the world without stress. You just pick up your mobile phone, dial a number and zoom, you are talking to someone in a distant land. Instant messaging, emails, social media platforms, etc are some of the ways we are so blessed with easy communication channels. And how about the internet? knowledge is now a few clicks away. You can virtually learn about anything. In more ways than one, modern technology have enhanced communication and we enjoy it.

2. Transportation: Those that lived several hundred years before us can only dream of how we move around easily today. With air transport, you can be in another continent in just few hours time. The car, trains, ship and other modern means of transportation have made moving from place to place not just a easy thing to do but, a pleasurable activity. I wonder how people traveled by foot and for the rich - horses - in the distant past. It would be such an exhaustive activity to travel far. Now, we simply fly without wings.

3. Agriculture: We now far with tractors, bulldozers and other big farm equipment. There are improved seedlings and modern farming techniques that improve farm yield and transform agriculture. We can enjoy food crops that are grown in odd seasons, something that would have been impossible hundreds of years back. Agriculture benefits from modern technology in many ways which would have been impossible some years back.

The point..

The point is: life is different from what it use to be. The above areas and more are what we have in today's modern life and it is completely different with - say - 500 years ago. If our earlier generations could look up from the grave and see what life has become in our times, they will marvel. However, no matter how life has moved forward, modern technology is without its challenges and bad sides. We see more environmental disasters, diseases, accidents and other things. We probably do not live longer and other things. So given how life is today and what it use to be, I have a big question for you. Do share your thoughs with us. The question is:

Which time is the best time to be alive? Now with modern technology or back down in the stone age? Have your say!


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In my opinion, year 2012-2016 would be the best! More peace and stability. A more connected world, more transparent and prosperous years with lot of growth rates and diminishing poverty in countries were seen in these years. Lots of jobs and well growing wages. Those were the best years I reckon!

Interesting thought on that. I think IT especially has gained momentum in the periods you mentioned. Especially blockchain technology.

Back then is better.
We have better communication now, but we rarely communicate with our loved ones.
Better transportation but we don't visit each other
Lots of agriculture tools, but less organic food

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You are making a big point there. We seem to have more, but do less.

That's how the world has become

@focusnow, In my opinion, current world is more Explorative but in my opinion if we see through the Point Of Peace then definitely Old Days were really pleasant, slow and peaceful. Stay blessed.

Sure @chirerocks. The good old days are really more peaceful

Absolutely yes.

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Well, I think there are pros and cons to both. personally I wouldn't mind the old days where things were simpler and more affordable to live but on the other hand, I'd love have been born say 200 years in the future when we've fixed many of these issues and we're a multi-planetary species with quantum computing and AI

Nice thought on that. But are we sure to be able to fix all the real world problems by 2219?

These problems perhaps but we would probably inherit brand new ones we cannot even begin to conceive now. As we try to progress the problems will escalate, change is always met by and an equal amount of resistance its the law of nature

If I were a Ludita, I would undoubtedly tell you that humanity would be better without so much technology, in fact we should all return to the way of life of about 600 years ago in Medieval Europe ... Luckily for me, I don't belong to that current I don't believe in his postulates.

I may touch some religious fiber, but there is an old text that I really liked in my training during childhood, it was one of the books in the library called "The Song of Songs", then I learned that the original name was " Shir Hashirim "or something like that, well, the point is that there was a verse there that said something like:

Each time has its weights, each era has its eagerness.

With this phrase, it made me think that each time has its advantages and its own problems, for many people who suffered from infectious-contagious diseases in past centuries, our era with its medications and advances would be an era of miracles, perhaps in the future our descendants Ask yourself how we could live in such a backward world and suffer their own problems ... Who knows, well, it's just my opinion :)

Really a big thought. Both sides of the coin are good and bad, probably

Really a big thought.
Both sides of the coin are good
And bad, probably

                 - focusnow

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Hi @focusnow

Interesting read. As usual :) Upvote on the way.

Many things surely have changed comparing to previous generations. And assuming that we will be all lucky enough not to go through another world scale war, then surely we will live in the best times ever.

Since Im european, I treasure idea of peace. Europe is quite small and packed with so many different nations and cultures. Within past many generations, there was no time without some large scale conflict happening. We seem to be very first generation that doesn't know anything about war and starvation.

Yours, Piotr

You nailed it. Considering the last decade, yours has been a very troublesome continent. I think since after the second world war till now, there has been some kind of calm, though it remains to be seen for how long. Thanks for coming around

I think the best time to be alive is the time you are actually here. I am not a believer in history as it has come to us and see too many lies and myths. If you look at a place like stolenhistory.org you can see all kinds of things that do not make sense to whet we are told in the history books. A good example of this is a lot of beautiful huge buildings we cannot reproduce today, but there is much more.

Now or the past? Is my choice really has to be one of these?
What if I say later in the future? Maybe a few hundred (or thousand) years.
Because the future may be better than the past and the present.

Better to be alive now. Well as long as we can still venture out into nature.