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I love community effort because joining hands together is the best way to leverage the power of all. I love education because knowledge is power. Now you probably know why I support and decided to promote @steemiteducation. @steemiteducation is an amazing community of teachers and educators that support each other. This community hopes to make the world a better place by promoting educational posts and authors that create them. Read exactly how they put it:

The steemiteducation account was started to bring all educators together on this platform. We believe that education gives us better knowledge of the world around us and it changes the world into a better place. We are a close community and young and old, work together, to share ideas, teach each other, and learn from each other.

So to support and promote this amazing community of educators, I will make 2 posts each week - every saturday and wednesday - to review my 5 top posts curated by @steemiteducation in the last 2 or 3 days. I will probably increase the number of posts if I have the time to read more. The aim is to promote the community and authors that volunteered to spread knowledge. This is my little contribution to support the efforts of @steemiteducation for bringing teachers and educators together.

So lets get into the business!


My top 5 posts for today 16/10/2019


1. Why don't children want to talk to you?

This is such an interesting article by @roseri because it happens so often. Parents need to know how to reach the heart of their kids if they are not opening up to them. According to the article, they - the parents - need to show empathy to their young ones and try to understand their feelings. Then they can soften a child's hard heart and make them talk. Read this article more to understand how to get your child to talk.


Corn flakes is one food eaten all over the world by people for breakfast. This article by @methusalem explained how we came to have this amazing meal. The video accompanying this post explains the inventors of cornflakes and how we came to have it today. You really need to learn about this food, please watch this video.


Another important post I so much loved. Personally, I have not though about the Nobel Peace price and how it works until I saw this post by @bigbear. I will not have to let the cat out of the bag. I just featured this post because it is such an interesting subject that everyone especially young ones need to know. There is an interesting video that is in this post which explains how the peace price works. Try to watch it and learn.

4. White Blood cells and Red Blood Cells

@tanyaschutte explained the blood so well to the level of understanding of young ones. The blood components like plasma, white blood cells and other things are nicely explained in a comprehensive way. Kids will especially love the images in this post that shows blood cells traveling through the veins. The video too looks very interesting. Just try to read this post.

5. Inspire The Passion Of Hidden Gems

This article by @fun2learn is a vital lesson for teachers. They need to develop students especially, try to identify what their interest is. The article explains that when student passion and skills are identified, teachers can help to develop and nurture such passion, thereby help the student to thrive in what they know to do best. Read this article and learn as a teacher or parent.



There you have it. Those are the top 5 posts curated by @steemiteducation in the past 2 or 3 days I enjoyed most. Remember its my personal opinion. If your post was not included, that does not mean it was not great. But these are the ones I picked among the many curated by @steemiteducation.

Disclaimer: The images accompanying the selected posts were taken from the posts. I am not the owner. Also, the images were resized to fit in with how I formatted this post. Thank you for dropping by.



Read any of the articles above and tell me what you think about them - make a meaningful comment. When this post pays out, you will receive part of the Steem bounty set out for commenting.

Thanks for sticking around


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Hello! I find your post valuable for the wafrica community! Thanks for the great post! We encourage and support quality contents and projects from the West African region.
Do you have a suggestion, concern or want to appear as a guest author on WAfrica, join our discord server and discuss with a member of our curation team.
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I was interested in the first and fifth articles, well it has to do in part with that they reminded me of an old phrase from my people that says: "Children do not come with a parenting manual" which also applies to students, because each one is different and it is a challenge to address them on some sensitive occasions.

By the way, reading "Why don't children want to talk to you?" I could not help remembering a tip that a friend gave me to deal with a partner: "When she is nervous or upset, you NEVER tell her: Calm down" To a large extent because it would seem somewhat insensitive and could imply that I am not interested in her emotions and I don't want to share them.

Greetings @focusnow, all some jewels that selection of post that you comment, go that as they say every day you learn something new, in my case that here exists a community of those wonderful beings who are responsible for distributing their knowledge to others, the teachers.

They deserve a standing applause, sincerely and more than anything else in situations like here, are warriors who without going to war are battling giving their best to leave nurtured of knowledge to future generations.

Among the articles that caught my attention, the cereal without a doubt, although I remember having heard the story once, it is not too refreshing.

Continuing to inspire passion for hidden gems, because if you need a lot of that now, because there are many young people (it seems a joke that I say as if it were someone older 😅 ...) who for some reason or another do not have a definite course or have not posed so, this is great.

Without more, thank you for sharing them, and equally for reading my comment, and I'm not leaving without wishing you a happy day, evening or night.✌️

I liked these posts too...actually as other posts on steemiteducation :)

@focusnow, In my opinion most of the times elders ignore the concerns of Children and that's the issue and in a way we can say that, that's the Generation Gap. Stay blessed.

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The invention of Corn Flakes got me laughing. Nice find. Heading over now.