The Devil's Binge

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Looking for something to binge on in a moment of weakness? If you have Netflix, I recommend watching Lucifer. Somehow I've managed not to binge it all in a weekend, though it is highly tempting. Although, as I was in the process of writing this, I finished the 4 seasons that are out...

The show centers around Lucifer Morningstar, who is the devil, taking a break from his job in Hell to live in Los Angeles. As you might expect, he comes with some supernatural abilities, the most distinctive being his ability to root out a target's deepest desires by simply asking them.

This ability plays nicely into his eventual job as a consultant for the police department. Yeah, there's a procedural police drama element, which is a bit of a crutch for the series. But it plays with expectations in some rather fun ways, and ultimately I don't mind it. For instance, Lucifer identifies as a punisher, and it often comes at odds with the usual police procedure. Not to mention visits from other otherworldly characters complicating matters.

His character is actually rather annoying. Lucifer is extremely self-centered, childish, and mischievous, to the point of amusement. Some other interesting qualities:

  • He never lies, but nobody believes him when he tells them that he's the devil.
  • He despises being manipulated, especially by his Father.

If eye candy is your thing, I've been told that he is gorgeous. Well, just look for yourself and decide.

(Insert picture of Tom Ellis as Lucifer here)
Hello, detective.

Apparently the characters are based on ones of from the DC universe, for example Lucifer appeared in a comic series called The Sandman. I wonder if @blewitt knows it. Makes me curious about reading it and seeing the resemblance.

But in terms of the story, it's really fun to see how all the characters develop, for example watching the progression from a supernatural cast that looks down on humanity to one that eventually embracing it. And some amusement in the devil who attends therapy and walks away from every session with a hilariously misguided epiphany.

I enjoy stories that embed fantasy / mythology into the real world. Maybe it's because as a viewer I feel like I'm part of an inside secret, even though it's not real. And that, at least in this case, it allows for a good amount of creativity in trying to keep most characters in the dark about the "real truth" for as long as possible, while they are questioning some inexplicably strange events.

Don't want to spoil any more good details here so just go watch it if you have it available, hopefully you'll find it as entertaining as I did. Looking forward to when the fifth and final season is released.

So yeah... part of the reason why I'm not as productive recently, if anyone is taking note: well, let's just say it's the Devil's fault.

Anyone else a fan of Lucifer?

PS if you are wondering why there are no images, it's because I started going down the copyright rabbit hole and decided not to bother.


I enjoyed watching it, but I felt like he was a bit too vulnerable emotionally. For someone who has lived for thousands of years, always being proud of being the most powerful, and having suffered so much, I think people convince him too easily to change and be kinder and to adopt more human ways.

However, I only watched around 2 seasons and a half. That's my view of the tendency it was following when it was coming out. I don't know if this trend continues to the end.

But I also agree with you in that it's bulky enough to fill you up, but not enough that you get annoyed or bored and close the tab. It's a very good series and I quite enjoyed watching it when it came out. I'll probably go back and watch it again or watch the rest of the chapters.

The later seasons are a lot better in my opinion. I do agree about the critique in terms of his emotional vulnerability, though (speculatively) in his defense, he didn't spend all that much time in the human realm. But he would have a lot more experience than the other visiting celestial beings that are very out of touch.

And that emotional vulnerability is also one of the factors that makes it interesting for me too so that's... Yeah.

Well, Hello.


If eye candy is your thing, I've been told that he is gorgeous. Well, just look for yourself and decide.

(Insert picture of Tom Ellis as Lucifer here)
Hello, detective.

😥 I am hoping this is rectified soon. For um reasons.

Ive heard good things about this show. I will check it out.

A couple stills or their promo stuff should be fair use in a review.

A couple stills or their promo stuff should be fair use in a review.

Yeah I figured most uses are covered but this, but I wish there was just something (from them even) that said unambiguously "yes, use this stuff to promote our show". Maybe I need to use better search terms.

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Its indeed a nasty dirty hole that copyright stuff.

I just signed back up for Netflix after an extended break, so suggestions are very relevent right now.

Excellent! Yeah now I'm looking for more stuff to watch

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Have you watched Designated Survivor? I just started it, its okay for now, as long as it doesn't get too political.

I'll check it out. Oh wow, it's the same person from 24. Brings back memories ha

Yeah Lucifer is a great show. What I love most in it is humor. It's consistently hilarious!

Definitely, there's good writing and Tom Ellis sells it well. Need more....

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Ya, I need some suggestion starting my netflix habit back up lol

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