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This it just going to be a bunch of things I've been working on lately.


@helpiecake, which is the manual curation bot of @helpie, got two recent upgrades.

Comment Beneficiaries

The first is that all comments that helpiecake makes has 50% beneficiaries going back to the curator. So if you like it feel free to vote it (or the curator's own comment).

I thought this would be easy to add but it turns out there was a bug in radiator, which I spent a lot of time figuring out and submitting a code fix for.

Spanish Comments

The second is that you may start to see comments in Spanish, as there is now a Spanish version of the command. Well, probably only if you are blogging in Spanish. I should be putting these into my local repository shortly.


Automated Deployments

In the past week I was getting automated deploys set up. I ended up using TravisCI to automatically trigger a release whenever certain branches are updated, and that has improved things for me quite a bit, in addition to not being the only dependency for deploying changes. So this is cool, if you are a frontend owner you can reach out to be added to have permissions to tweak settings and have it be deployed automatically.

Voting Power Display

Voting power is now being displayed and the vote slider was turned on across the board. There was also a bug with it earlier that recently got fixed. Also, it may take time to show the result, as there's a delay between the vote and when it gets picked up by scotbot.

Small Tweaks, Decimal Precision

In preparation for the decimal precision, I have made the nitrous servers look up the decimal precision on the fly and cache the result to prevent many lookups from happening at a time. In theory it would be able to handle the change, but as you can see things were all wonky after the PAL change... The bot powering things was showing some very concerning behavior. Hopefully that all had got resolved with no real problems. But the automatic precision update looks like it did its job, whew.


I've been working in the background to improve the admin settings page with suggested tweaks after the current rough drag and drop. This only is a visible change to you if you are a forum owner. There's a bunch more on the roadmap and will be working through those as well.


EIP Exploration

So what else? Let's see... Been happily hanging around various servers and (among other things) discussing about the EIP which is soon to be officially in testing. Ah was even on air last week on @themarkymark show and that was um... interesting. Actually was really only going to focus on PAL and its curve but it went back into the full EIP discussion. There seems to be a lot of anger and confusion about it, and I felt I didn't do a great job making the case for it. Was a fun experience though. I'm working on a good summary for it that seeks to be less technical than what I've been exploring earlier.


At the @helpie community we're starting to see signs of life as we scout out more members. We're a social group that has a curation component, and I spend a good amount of time there, being silly, or answering questions, or even having some serious discussion at times. There is a lot of food related theming, curators (bakers) baking @helpiecake and what not, and just pictures of cake being thrown around.

Recently we split out a general chat channel and a serious chat channel (grumpy-chat), which surprisingly (to me) has worked out very well as people have various preferences for what kinds of topics they would prefer to engage. Already had a few interesting conversations in a wide variety of topics including politics gasp where we don't necessarily see eye to eye but had respectful discussion.

My personal vision for @helpie is to be the place with a focus on fun and engagement for the platform, to gather like-minded people that share a similar vision to network and to brainstorm ideas. We intend to put out a few updates soon about all that has happened, so I'll first leave it at that. But if this sounds interesting to you, feel free to reach out and I'll drag you in :).

Life wise there isn't a whole lot else going on. Work is work, Opal (dog) is being her usual barky adorable self. As more and more things pick up I find it harder and harder to keep @dopal going, but it's in the list of things. Recently my wife played cello for a recent local musical production of Spring Awakening, which was great and the music has been stuck in my head recently. (Anyone heard of this musical / likes musicals?)

And I'm traveling to Taiwan for family and some fun, so I'll be in completely different hours for a spill. I'll remember to take some pictures to share. Anyway this is getting pretty long so I think I'll end this here. See you around!

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I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of @helpiecake. As a curation service, I think it does a fabulous job spreading around the encouragement and rewards. I do a lot of commenting and it is so nice seeing the slices of cake everywhere I go.

Thank you:)

@eonwarped I've been the recipient of a few slices of @helpiecake and always appreciate it. Now I know some of the brain behind it, thanks for being behind the scenes in this project. That's cool that comments will have a 50% beneficiary now, I always try to reply to the @helpiecake comment when I get one. And your wife plays the cello - how cool is that! Have a safe trip traveling to Taiwan and enjoy your family and fun.

Yeah! Thanks for the kind words

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Hope you have a nice time in Taiwan. If you're not too busy with family and will be in central Taiwan, do drop me a line, be good to meet up.

Love your work in Steemit and at Helpie, @eonwarped <3

I still need to get into a habit of dropping additional comments when I use the Helpie curation votes but I kinda sorta feel funny doing it sometimes since it is almost 100% chance that I already comment on the actual post, hahahah...

You have a wife who is a cellist ! That is amazing * ___ * I love the sound that cellos make~

Hope you will have a good time travelling to Taiwan :D

Oh yeah, I think either way works. Probably is even better to do the comment separately actually. Thanks and Cheers :)

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@eonwarped. As a charity we are also seriously thankful that @helpiecake is around.
Just wanted you to know this.
All strength to your work.
Blessings to you and yours.

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Being busy I see :P

Always haha

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Enjoy Taiwan Evan! Would love to see pics :)

Hey yeah! Working on it!

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