Nitrous Instance Updates: Beneficiary, Vote Multipliers, Secure Root Domain

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There have been a lot of improvements flying around in the nitrous source from multiple people, and I wanted to highlight them all in one place. Will be tagging at various milestones in the future as well, so you can follow along:

Note that every tribe managed by us has their own branch in this repository and owners can request direct access to customize it to their liking, and add other developers.

Thanks to @voltairez, @blockchainstudio, @ayogom, @segyepark, @passionbull, @realmankwon for your contributions! Some references above do not work, and please let me know especially if I have left anyone out as a nitrous contributor.

Please look at the link above for a list of features since we have started. It also lists a few that are in individual instances and not yet pulled into the main branch. Still needs to be done in an extensible way, or just needs the time to actually do it.

I wanted to highlight some of the more recent features/updates in this post.

Root Domain with https

Before for example would not work due to specifics about how it was hosted. Now it works. We now have a way to enable secure redirects for Scot token owners. Please reach out for instructions to enable, and I've also been slowly reaching out to those that do not have it.

Beneficiaries Setting and Display

You can set beneficiaries on posts from this interface, but scot-based beneficiaries may or may not be enabled for the Scot token. Need to reach out to us to enable it. And for now it is tied to the same settings as steem beneficiaries. Scot config also allows you to disable certain beneficiaries as well for the Scot token.

See here for more information.

Thanks to @economicstudio for providing a scot-compatible beneficiary display (it will not show those that are disabled from token beneficiary).

Vote Multiplier Display

Where we are showing vote estimates, if you have used the multiplier setting, it will reflect what the vote will do appropriately. This setting allows you to specify that a 1% vote on steem should be a 5% vote on PAL for example (and upvotes downvotes can be configured separately).

Need more improvements to facilitate in setting these, but for now it is an advanced feature.

That's all for now!


Thank you for your work @eonwarped :)
If I would like a specific feature to be added into tribes condenser - where do I start? SteemBounty or just pm you at discord?

Flag > @richardcrill!

File as an issue under the nitrous repo

I have a bunch more on my list that I should put here as well, and I am not the only one that can do these things as you can see here, so feel free to offer bounties as well.

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is there a multiplier instruction manual that non computer people can follow :)

need something where i can just put numbers in a box ie steem 5%, leo 20%, palnet 50% vote weight etc

Here you go :)
On right you can see Vote weight multiplier:
Just click on it (uses KeyChain) :)

This is great, thanks for that!

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ha, thanks for that! Get to reclaim my steem voting power sweet :)

Thank you!

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Flag > @coffeebuds! k

Yes I need to work on that :)

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Thank you for asking this question

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This ^^^ 👍 @organduo

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Multiplier + Beneficiaries!!! Amazing updates! Great work everyone!

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Hi @eonwarped, thank you for mentioning my work.

I made another fix (random tag order bug):

I was surprised that this hasn't been fixed yet, and actually it was much trickier than I expected. Enjoy. Thanks!

ps. this might be confusing but if you're mentioning me on steemit, please use @blockchainstudio instead of @economicstudio (though the latter is also mine.)

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