HOW TO MAKE STEEMIT GREAT AGAIN! With Additional Improvement Ideas For PALnet!

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Well first of all for some reason Steem Leo went down and I hope that it doesn't happen with other Tribes on SteemIt! Fortunately I can still keep the tokens inside Steem Engine. Well this will be the last post you will read in this blog in a very long time thanks to the fact that @steemcleaners flagged me unfairly and added me to their blacklist because they are bots that are probably run by leftists! I don't care; you can´t censor me on PALnet. First I must say that SteemIt needs a better marketing tactic or team in order to bring hundreds if not thousands of new users in per day! Also PALnet could make itself unbreakable and immune to hacking; in order to make the first SteemIt Tribe that is fully anonymous! I bet that something like that would pay incredibly well! Specially if the Internet Protocol address (IP) of users is automatically hidden or switched in between the computer of every user of this platform in the world! We first need official teams and accounts on centralized social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to promote SteemIt and also every other Tribe or application built inside this blockchain (IF WE ALL PARTNERED UP WE COULD SEE THIS HAPPENING!). I miss the times in 2017-2018 when STEEM (STEEM) and Steem Bit Dollars (SBD) used to be cryptocurrencies worth more than ten "United States Dollars" (USD) each! Cryptocurrencies can destroy fiat currencies and are immune to inflation if they were built by serious individuals. Taxation is theft and no one can regulate the blockchain! I still like physical assets like Gold and Silver as a side note. Anyways that is all I have to say, I will miss you all and I will be studying, working hard and seeing if I get married on 2020! I LOVE YOU ALL, I'M OUT. PEACE, LOVE AND CAPITALISM!












I love you all, I'm out/cambio y fuera... Addio/do pobachennya/do svidaniya, bis später!

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Hey! Check your Keybase app - they added a Stellar Lumens wallet to it and spacedropped to a lot of existing users. ;)