Reflections on our inner and collective harmony

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The wisdom of our Universal Creator Father is so great that it is the only one that can be called perfect harmony because it brings everything together. That harmony is what all men of all worlds should seek; but those worlds that do not yet achieve the necessary progress are wrapped up in its very atmosphere so that they do not disharmonize with others, and it is a great moment when they come of age and enter the chain of the progressed worlds of universal harmony. Harmony!

The Universe is in harmony


Harmony in everything must exist, but, speaking of your world Earth, in these chaotic moments, but transcendental in its progress because the circle arrives, where the extremes touch each other, and after this stage of confusion, of imbalance, of disturbance, it will enter the chain of universal harmony, when it corresponds to it; but that harmony does not exist in your world Earth because it is altered by wrong, malevolent thoughts, that is to say, thoughts loaded with hatred.

Why are we not all in harmony with the universe? Why are we not in harmony with our brothers? Why are we not in harmony with ourselves?

There must be harmony from our spirit to our matter, so that matter submits to the orders of the spirit, which is its master, and yet harmony does not exist, because matter rebels and does not obey its master, which is a substantial particle of the Creator Father, which is perfect harmony.



When men act in harmony with themselves, they will later act in harmony with their brothers; but it is still your world, there is rebellion, there are still many, the majority of men are duos in which the spirit does not yet act freely, and they allow themselves to be carried away by the matter that does not advise well.

The matter that asks, the matter that claims, the matter that demands and dulls and blunts the thought that is the revelation of the spirit.

In your own homes, if there is harmony in marriage, there is no harmony with children; there is some child, the bad child, the black child or the so-called black sheep that is the one that disharmonizes, that comes to the house and everyone fears it, because they do not know what it will do or what it will say.



There are few homes where there is not that black sheep, that son who is not related, that son who has come to cleanse himself, to adapt to a family that had previously been enemies.

And between husband and wife how rare are those marriages where harmony reigns; and the home where there is harmony between husband and wife, between parents and children and between brothers and sisters, that is the harmonious home because everything in the universe is harmony.

My brothers, see to it that harmony reigns among you.

Such should be the places where men who study the universal philosophy meet.

Harmony must reign among all of us, so that our world may enter the place that corresponds to it within the universal harmony, thus overcoming this crisis in which everything is struggle, in which everything is anxiety, in which everything is pain, in which everything is difficulty, in which everything seems to be injustice, but in reality all the facts that happen are for Justice and its objective is to achieve the internal harmony of each one of us and to be able to advance in the collective harmony of all humanity.

And do you have harmony within you? Does harmony reign in your home? Does harmony reign in your community?

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