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RE: PoB is not Happening Here [/fullstop]

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This is a DPOS chain. POB was never supposed to be a thing.

I was vehemently against the separate downvote pool, but now that it's here it's working just fine and not going away.

One account one vote is not a solution. Just look to your own government on that front. It can't even be enforced without kyc. Impossible to enforce world wide.

The solution to this problem is a decentralized reputation system. One that doesn't take stake into consideration.

This chain is ripe with all kinds of unfiltered data we could be using to our advantage. If we want a better trending tab then we should just make one. The basic bitch algorithms we are using today will be laughed at in 5 years.

Dpos is working just fine. POB is simply an idealistic goal, and if I'm being honest it's working better than I expected.


Yeah, I only mean for content sorting, nothing to do with
rewards themselves. What if STINC's software was like:

  1. Okay this is a valid account with a user who is logged in.
  2. They've upsorted post id number x390215 from

So if the guy has sock accounts and he tries to
upsort the same post id from that IP he cannot.

^ It seems solid, I'm not sure how it could be thwarted.

I like that you brought up algos. What truffle pig is
doing, if it's real, seems like a helluvalot better idea
than what we're doing now for the trending page.

That system would be defeated using the same tactics that a DDOS attack is launched. IP addresses can be forwarded and spoofed. VPNs are cheap. The difference? DDOS attacks cost money, so adding a financial incentive makes the attack last forever (or until it becomes not profitable).

Also, the blockchain does not track IP addresses for a variety of many good reasons, so your whole plan rests on the shoulders of giving Steemit Inc full control centralized over the platform. Your ideas are much better suited for and an SMT or SteemEngine token.

You should get over the white/blue paper like I did. It's a pile of overzealous marketing trash. Truth be told I'm glad that is the case, as I like having the power of deciding where all my inflation goes. I don't need someone telling me they know better.

Arrgggh! - Thx for your feedback @edicted
"a pile of overzealous marketing trash." indeed.
Well if not that, content discovery algos maybe.
@trufflepig claims to be onto something smart.