Have you heard about pal( www.palnet.io)

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Greetings to all telosians of steemchurch.

Have you heard about palnet?

For those of you that have not heard anything about it lemme just do brief explanation because i am still new to this platform too. Am just making my first post with palnet and i just want see how it works but with what i have read so far it's a new front end for the steemit, with one major caveat, Palcoin determines the stake of your actions and this enables you to distribute and earn curation rewards.Palcoin is now on listed on steem-engine and this token is created to solve existing problem on steem blockchain to have proper distribution reward.

What i like most about this site is that it's simple and it is easy to use and after posting or comment it will Still show on steemit and act like normal. Isn't that amazing? It means we not going to leave steem just want ketchup with on my cheese.


My View

I think this will help each and everyone of us in steemchurch and make us earn even more with steemit, you can also visit the site and read more about it.

Visit www.palnet.io for more information

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Thank you, for the information, today I was reviewing this new way of working within Steemit, I think we can use all the tools that benefit us, the research is important and keep us updated and informed as well, I think it will be useful in our new MANAGEMENT OF TECHNOLOGY, COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION.

Well said sister. Thanks for your contribution.