Governments Patrolling With Drones and Helicopters to Enforce Restrictions

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A growing number of places are busy imposing strict rules and curfews because of the virus and this includes jurisdictions like France using drones and helicopters to help enforce those new rules.

They are also going to be using drones in areas like Spain, and perhaps more regions as well, with more people turning to impose various restrictions on daily life and individual liberty.

They are using these tools to try and help law enforcement keep people in their homes.

Various authorities have also posted numbers that people can use to call in and report when they see businesses allowing people to sit down and eat, or anyone violating the new rules in place.

Other authorities have issued caution and ultimately threatened the public in certain places, saying that if they don't exercise more caution on not going out to popular beach piers or parks, with too many gathering, that those parks and piers are going to be closed as a result..

In many areas already, many gatherings are not permitted, and there are only so many people allowed to be walking together in the park and so on.

The police state for millions around the world has aggressively ramped up in recent weeks because of the virus.

For our safety though, right? After all, that is what the war on drugs is for, the war on terror, the Patriot Act and broad violation of civil liberties across the board, the arguably unconstitutional legislation we face like stop and frisk policies, or civil asset forfeiture, the checkpoints, and being assaulted at the airport, all done for our safety.

How quickly we have seen the people comply, regardless if the rules are justified or not. The Bill of Rights goes out the door, and we find ourselves begging at the doorstep of government; what move should we make next? Help us! Feed us! Pay us!

In some areas today in 2020 people are having to print out a form and fill it out before they can go outside.

If you don't have your papers it's almost a 200 euro fine.

Thousands of police will be out on the streets looking to monitor people's daily activities.

Is it all necessary? Surely to those who are concerned, staying indoors is already a good idea to them. So then, there are already millions of people who would voluntarily stay indoors for an extended period of time, millions who would gladly shame others online and in person who dare to do otherwise. Do we need to make criminals out of those who won't? I don't agree and I find it to be a violation of basic liberty, that the government is supposedly in place to protect, to enact these sorts of broad restrictions on daily life in the way that they have.



That is insane! If someone wants to take a risk, why not let them? I just don’t get it..