Fukushima Waste Contamination Bags Missing

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Thanks to a recent typhoon in Japan, the 19th one of the year, there were a number of nuclear decontamination waste bags that ended up being swept into a river that eventually were expected to have made their way to the ocean.

Weeks later now, it's reported that dozens of the bags are missing and unaccounted for. Officials have insisted though that there is nothing to be concerned about.

36 bags out of the 90 they had originally are still said to be missing.

It's reported that the Environment Ministry officials have been conducting extensive searches to look for them but so far haven't been lucky, probably because they got washed away into the river.

After the storm finished, it's alleged that officials were able to recover several bags, at least 50 of them.

However, the contents from those bags had leaked for several of them and officials weren't ready when the storm hit because they hadn't been prepared by having something to cover the bags with.

They claim to have seen heavier rains than expected and that's the reason for the failure in preparedness.

Dozens of works are still looking for the missing bags, they have even been using drones to try and help.

The government has insisted that so far there has been zero confirmation as far as any environmental impact from the missing bags and the leak.

Years later after the Fukushima disaster, it seems that they are still struggling with a nuclear waste crisis and unfortunately have been doing a miserable job along the way and still, at pushing forward to a reasonable long-term solution.


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It's sickening this the worst deserter in human history and it's still no closer to being stopped nice years on. People have forgotten about it but it's worst than every so sad for the world 💯🐒