Fining People Hundreds of Dollars For Leaving Their Home

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As various jurisdictions have sought to implement social distancing rules and curfews in the last few months etc, it has meant that people have been faced with fines if they go outside or refuse to put on a mask.

If the state catches you going outside for non-essential purposes when they've set rules instructing you to do otherwise, it could mean hundreds in fines. And many people have been targeted under those measures.

In some areas, residents have sought to launch lawsuits over the stay-at-home orders.

For weeks there have been ongoing disputes between various levels of government over how far these restrictions should go, or whether they should be pulled entirely.

Whether over the mask rules and stay-at-home orders, a variety of lawsuits have been filed around the United States. Courts around the country are still busy debating over whether or not these rules are justified.

Some judges have already ruled that they see the restrictions as an overreach of power.

What freedom do people have when that freedom includes being fined hundreds of dollars for leaving your home to go to the park, visit a friend, or enjoy an afternoon drive. When someone is peacefully walking their dog in the park, or spending time with family outside, and they get harassed and punished for it, that looks a lot like a tyrannical environment.

In cases where people are driving around town, or going for a walk in the park etc, the state hasn't been victimized in such a circumstance and shouldn't seek to penalize and financially punish people, or worse, for engaging in this everyday behavior.

The cost of violating what should be constitutionally-protected rights is far too great to suffer. But it's not like authorities have ever really seemed to care much for the written limitations to their power.



Everything on the spot, @doitvoluntarily. Excellent text.

BTW, I just put up a text with the official data for Serbia: The death rate is 3% LESS then last year, and the local tyrant is still fining and tormenting people for nothing…

living in South Dakota this has not been an issue at all. all in all we seem to be doing pretty well so far.

That's what's happened in my country. They have given huge fine out to people, then the constitutional court said that wasn't constitutional.

  1. I would leave my home anyway.
  2. I would be fined.
  3. I would not pay that extortion.
  4. I would go to jail.
  5. I would try to be as unproductive as possible and to generate as much cost for the state prison as possible.