Cannabis, Marijuana, Pot, Ganja, Weed, Dope, Does It Matter What You Call It?

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There are hundreds of different slang terms for cannabis, perhaps even 1000 or more.

As the acceptance for legalization has continued to spread, so too has the discussion over the years about what might be the best term to use. Various media reports have highlighted this discussion, bringing attention to the conundrum of whether or not 'marijuana' might not be the best to go with.

Referring to it as cannabis, it's 'scientific name', is what some thought might help to give it more support with the public, but it turns out that swapping one term for the other might not make much of a difference.

One recent study discovered that calling it cannabis doesn't help boost that support with the general public.

They discovered no evidence of a distinction being made, between cannabis or marijuana, in the eyes of the public, based on their survey which included at least 1,600 participants. Researchers discovered that whichever name you give it, whether you are using cannabis or marijuana etc to refer to the plant, that it doesn't sway individual opinion regarding legalization one way or another.

The researchers concluded that when it comes to suggestions that using one term over the other might help to fuel further acceptance, that such a claim should be met with skepticism, as any should, as they haven't seen those results unfold from their investigation.

Despite the confusion over the terms, acceptance for cannabis legalization or decriminalization and other alternatives etc continue to grow and so too are the regions that are implementing their own legal markets.

It's estimated that some 22 percent or more of the U.S. adult population might engage in regular cannabis consumption. It's difficult to know for sure how many users there might be around the world, but previous estimates suggest that it could easily be upwards of 100 million users worldwide.



It doesnt matter, but I exclude Marijuana from my vocabulary because I do not want to legitimize the war on drugs.

I believe the language people use demonstrates their character, so if they only use 1 word it says a lot about who they are, and will be a good conversation over a joint to find out why their freedom of speech has been so oppressed.

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You mean they pushed the word marijuana while the war on drugs? And that's why you don't wanna use the word?
I'm not so sure about it..

I would understand if you didn't like "weed and weeds" instead of herbs. Cuz the war is way bigger than only against drugs..
People were brainwashed and now use glyphosate to kill everything what they don't know in their garden. :)

The CIA used the term Marijuana in propaganda, such as Reefer Madness, to manipulate the public opinion. The mexican look alike plant named Marijuana has very little nutritional or medicinal value.

Although I do not think its racist, there is even opinions I have heard that claim the CIA also instigated racism towards mexicans in their propaganda.

It is quite concerning the lack of sophisticated information the CIA was using when it studied this plant, declaring it type 1, which was only reverse 1 week ago on a national level in the United States, in a bill that could still be overturned by congress.

at least something happens in ur country.. xD

Lol I want to move to Iceland to get away from this all but yeah you're right at least people acknowledge progress here.

Cannabis, Marijuana, Pot, Ganja, Weed, Dope, Does It Matter What You Call It?

No, but it’s useful to know all the names for rhyming purposes when you write poetry, @doitvoluntarily ;)))


I typically call them buds, ganja, or cannabis, but at the end of the day its just a good time man.

Gras :)

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S*it…did we miss something? ;)

no, grass in german has just one less s ^^

@luegenbaron, I used a chance to say that one of the missed names is S*IT :))

ah well

your shit is dope, man!

I so support medicinal cannabis/marijuana @doitvountarily. As long as it helps a sick person it does not matter.

I know I stopped using the "M" word after learning the truth about Cannabis. I stopped calling certain types of cannabis "strains" too. I use the term breed, or phenotype, or even the word brand sometimes. "Which brand is that?" Never call it a "strain." A strain is referencing your weed to that of a virus. Cannabis is anything BUT a virus. It is medicine. By using the word strain your are consciously poisoning your medicine. So stop doing that.

100 million users. I am one of them. Interesting article.

i think that is a very low estimate 😂 but who knows!

agree with you

These provide more health benefits if consumed in the form of edibles and drinks.

There was a time when people thought of the name "trump" in a favorable way. Now that name is a loaded word. In the future perception will likely change again. People seem to hold the Bush (jr&sr) name in high regard without respect for political affiliation. Even the loathsome Clinton name of the historic U.S. impeachment is now met with a flurry of applause when introduced to crowds of academia or hotel lobbies full Chinese businessmen.

Hopefully, we can fully de-stigmatize this healing herb, and even feel comfortable when the "M" word comes up around the good folks over at human resources or (unjust) law enforcement. Also the word Cannabis has been the word for Marijuana used by mislead nerds for ages.

Pointing out the racist roots of Marijuana, is more about pointing out the great Marihuana hoax and tax act of the 30's then adding even more stigma to that or any other word describing the Hebrew Kaneh Boshem. :)

here is a post I made recently on this subject