I've got these two Jams on Replay!

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These two song have been popping up in my playlist and I'm glad they do.
Both of these songs just make me turn it up! So I thought I would share with you here on @reggaesteem.

The first is from 2007 and has a groove that will last ages.

Collie Buddz - Come Around

When this one comes on.... The volume goes up a couple clicks!

The second song I am digging a ton is from 2017. I have always been a Gorrilaz fan and this one has a bunch of soul....not to mention a sweet video.

Saturnz Barz by the Gorillaz featuring Popcaan.

Spontaneous Contest!

Which one do you like? Pick your favorite and tell me why.
Best answer gets 2 steem.

Edit: @skramatters Wins the spontaneous contest!!


Thanks for reading/listening and as always....

Keep being Cool ReggaeSteem!!


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Collie Buddz, to be honest that entire album for me is a classic. Also he was supposed to come out with a new album bu never did. I'm going to have to look into that now..... He does have a 2019 song called Love & Reggae. Its got a real nice vibe......

Yes sir you are entered into the contest.

Come around for sure ! When that song dropped it was a huge hit in Jamaica, event I this day any dancehall dj can play it and get the crowd jumping. The Riddim ( beat) also has that real reggae ruggedness. Love to see the international acts representing the culture.

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Finally da herb come around!!

F'ing haterz is a good Collie budz song too, I'm at work so can't Rock out but I've been known to blast these tunes as well...

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Hell yes my friend!
I will take this as your entry into my contest.

I guess that other track is actually titled "blind to you" but its a banger, great summer spliffs n brews tunes

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For sure ! love that one.
I'm blind to you Rumor Creators.

Basically a "step off" Jam. :)

Hell yes my friend! I
Will take this as your entry
Into my contest.

                 - doctorcrypto

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Look at me I died
and came back as a poet
war instigators

Look at me I died
And came back as a poet
War instigators

                 - doctorcrypto

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Yup! can't touch me war instigators!
That song is fire!

I seriously had no idea this was a contest lol! Too cool! I'm gonna spread the irie vibes and have m6 own steem give away!

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Do it! Give thanks and bless it!

I don't know much about much, but that collie budz song is fun!

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