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I waisted too much time this year following the nba. Year after year I watch the Utah Jazz not win the championship. It’s kinda hard. With the raptors winning this year it gave me new hope. Maybe.....just maybe the Jazz can win one year in the future. Wish we could borrow kwahi next year. 😂😂😂😬

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Please tell me who your favorite nba player is and why.

I’m looking forward to seeing the replies.

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My favorite player is Kobe Bryant, growing up I witnessed the Lakers Dynasty at the start of 2000. I watched how his game evolved, to one of the best players in history. Scoring that 81 points, and winning Championships. Lastly Mamba Mentality!

The Mamba Mentality. His shoes are freaking amazing as well

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Stephen curie : Because when its come the game turn to other side he will make a good points to get back the game, mean he give a 3 pointers shoot on the game LOL he is my Idol..

He can shoot. Greatest shooter of all time in my opinion.

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LOL! thanks for the suggestion @dkid14 need to edit my comment LOL...

I spent a lot of time this year too! I'm a huge Toronto Raptors fan, so it turned out the best in the end, even if I was worried after the 3-2 for a back-to-back.

VanFleet is my favourite. Best guard, extremely solid mentally, can carry the team and with a great attitude. The trio of 3-shoot in 4th quarter, game 6 was vital to the title of Raptors. Defensively he is impressive too!

Vanvleet player awesome. Big payday coming his way.

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Nba Sports My favorite Player @Warriors
The warriors opened the second half on an 18-0 run to take a lead they'd never relinquish 😇

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If we are talking about the players that already retire i will say Kevin Garnett and i did wrote a post here on Steemit about it more then two years ago.. i will add the link and since the post is so old i don't think it can count as spam: Kevin Garnett - the profile of a Champion, the image of a Legend!
If we are talking about active players then i will go for Lebron James. I think his mentality of a champion and his desire to win, plus his passion for the game brings him already to the Hall of Fame status and for sure he will be. I can write till tomorrow about him and this year with a new addition next to him i do think Lakers can reach the finals and why not win a championship... of course if he will remain healthy during the season and playoffs...
PS: I feel you when you are talking about the Jazz... but you never know...look at Raptors this year!
5 Sbi shares will really make my day!

KG! What a legend. I had a poster of him in my room growing up. One of the double double Kings.

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Andre iguadal, dude as beaten fathertime...

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Agreed. He is the energizer buddy.

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I'm from Toronto... I gotta go with my boy Lowry.

Good year to like toronto

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As a big Laker fan growing up I am going to go with Shaq. even though he left he was an amazing player to watch. If he could have got along with Kobe who knows how many they would have won. He still did a lot for the Lakers. I have to confess also that I didn't watch very much basketball this year. Life with kids has taken away my time to watch sports. This year I am going to try to get my 4-year old into it.

Shaq might be the most dominate player in history in his prime. Love listening to him had Charles now on TV.

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Iron Lion Zion.

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Zion just won you 5 shares of sbi. They have been sent.

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Woo-hoo! Zion is my dawg! South Carolina represent!

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