Mike Conley is coming to Utah!!

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Today I got another Mike Conley rookie card. Still super excited for the nba season to start later this year. Mike brings so many skills to Utah that we were missing at the point position. The videos he has shared on social media so far are positive and he is excited to help the team win.

NBA off-season is almost more fun than the real season now. Players move around like crazy.

Today as I was opening some packs of cards I realized how cool it would be to have all those cards on the blockchain. It’s time for aggroed and yabamatt to launch basketball cards on the @steemmonsters platform. How cool would that be? Maybe you could even play teams against each other on the court and based on skills and ability you decide the winner.

I might have to think about it some more.



I think people like collecting all sorts of things and sports cards is certainly high up on that list. It wouldn't surprise me any if someday the NBA or any other major sports starts selling digital collectible cards..... great idea imo.

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