The Novel SunaraVirus is about to be eradicated: Bye Bye STRON!

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A bit early to be doing this but this will probably be my last post on this STRON blockchain as we look ahead to a beautiful new horizon.


As with everything new there will be numerous challenges, but at least one of those challenges will not be a central overlord who cares not about the ecosystem but his profiting at the expense of everybody else. He has said as much.

A hardfork of Steem is currently in the works and tomorrow a roadmap will be released where the nitty-gritty details will be released. I haven't read it yet but this is what I have been waiting for.

The fact that Blocktrades is involved gives me all the reassurance I need.

What we know so far

  • Airdrops of the new tokens based on a snapshot of your Steem account.
  • Steem Inc accounts will not be included in the airdrop.
  • Communication with exchanges for listing already in the works.
  • The roadmap will be released tomorrow.
  • Definite changes to how voting for witnesses is carried out to prevent another Justin Classic.

Are you looking forward to this? I know I am.

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