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Here I am at the corridors of your heart

With blushes on my cheeks

Getting warmer as I approach the door of your heart

Let me in to stay

I've come with fruits

Patience, kindness and love

Let me share my basket of treasures with you

I lay my pride and honor before you

I've prayed to be sainted by your touch

As I picture you in my mind

Come alive to break me out of fantasy

Bring me into your reality

Your ever alluring fragrance reels me into your world

I can see you vivdly in that dress I like

My lily

Your smiles like daisies

Your sway like Roses

Brush my skin with your petals

And let me fall on my knees

To take your hand

I'm at the corridors of your heart

Waiting for you to let me in



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Nice one bro. Glad to see you back.

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Thanks fam