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RE: Upvotebuilders Weekly Report - 44

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What’s next for you... those behind the scenes?


I think they are done tho :/

On this project it seems yes but seldom does anyone actually give up on something merely ideas evolve ..... question is what is after this? I ask because for every project I put down I pickup two more....

The project was started by @ketcom. He appears to be 100% into Splinterlands now.

Thank you for the payout, @upvotebuilders. I'm sorry to learn that the project is not going forward!

Thanks @jayna. @d00k13, when I started the project it wasn't a means for me to make money, it was to help writers who were not getting the attention the deserve from their post. As a matter of fact I was spending some amount of money to keep it going.

And then came the HF22/23, things continued as usual and we were even making good progress because we started earning more from curation. However, some people with a lot of money decided this wasn't what they wanted.

The system in place didn't protect us and a lot of people started receiving downvotes when we upvoted their post, some members became afraid of even putting our banner on their post, some left and I just wasn't ready to spend a dine or energy in fighting them as it would seem I was fighting the system in place.

Yes I am actively involved the splinterlands now, my intention was initially to buy some cards and see how they turn up in a few months time but I apparently bought the wrong set of pack which meant I needed to play the game and fortunately I was good at it. I have been hitting the top of the game consistently now and it is fun. Plus it is and investment that is growing.

As for Actifit which I hope I can re-start soon, The phone I was using for it got broken so I bought a used phone, though the phone is great and doing loads of stuff my old phone wasn't doing, however, when I installed the actifit app on it, it doesn't open but says my phone is rooted. I still do my walks and all that but no records to show for that so no reporting for now.

I am pretty much around but staying clear of the arguments and battles for and against stuff I don't think is growing the system.

Thank you for the explanation, @ketcom. You have certainly had your ups and downs! It was a great project and it came from the heart. You know I wish you the best. Good luck with your current and future endeavors!

Thanks for understanding.