Today I Am Exactly 2 1/2 Years Cancer Free, Whoop, Whoop!!

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Happy Midweek You Fabulous Human Beans!!

Today is a big day for me as you can read in the title of this post, wooohooo!

Life is beautiful peeps!!!

This fellow decided to land on my hand on Sunday. <3


If I would have listened to the doctors I don't think I would be here today!!!

I believe in the body as a whole, body, mind & soul.
If there is an imbalance we need to work on fixing that.

I know of the power of self-healing, believe in the power of nature
& plants!

I injured my hand years back, cut the nerve, tendon & a vein.
I was told back then I won't be able to use the hand in a normal way again & that my feeling in it won't return.
I didn't believe it for a second & I was right, it turned out to be false!

Just like I didn't believe it when I was told that if I didn't do chemo &/or at least radiation I wouldn't be alive in 2 years.


I listened to MY inner voice
took an alternative path in my cancer therapy.

I had the greatest luck someone reached out to me helping me get my hands on RSO, Rick Simpson Oil,
with it I kicked cancer in it's behind.

I also, after intensively researching, found the Medical Concept
of the BioMed - Hospital for Oncology, Hyperthermia, and Immunology.
This is their statement...

Our motto is "dare to live", it means that it is never too late to start something new, to lead your life actively and responsibly.

Their concept & their motto totally appealed to me, so I went there!

At the BioMed - Hospital for Oncology, Hyperthermia, and Immunology
I went through the loco-regional hyperthermia, whole-body hyperthermia (Fevertherapy),
learned about Enzymes & I was introduced to mistletoe injections which I had to give myself.
I am really lucky to live in Germany, my health insurance paid!!

My personal regime for a long time was:

Taking RSO orally & as suppositories ( I made them with coconut oil, sorry if this may be tmi. I was told it's a better way to absorb the THC & since my cancer was below the stomach that would have a better effect ).

  • Taking Vitamin A, B12, D, Selen, Q10 & Enzymes.

  • Going on regular fruit fasts to cleanse my lymphatic system

  • I eat healthy food (a vegan/ alkaline diet, no processed foods)

  • Mistletoe injections

I've changed my regime a bit over the years,
following my inner voice, body & sadly RSO is hard to get :( !

Now I :

  • Take Spirulina for Vitamin A, B12 & Protein, Vitamin D, I rotate taking
    Selen, Q10 & Enzymes

  • I still go on regular fruit fasts to cleanse my lymphatic system

  • I eat healthy food (a vegan/ alkaline diet, no processed foods)

I have always gotten enough exercise having 3 dogs & being in the garden growing veggies!

I needed to see myself in the future!

It takes a lot of self-control to not break out in panic, to stay focused & to keep listening to your inner voice let me tell you that!

To paint myself in the future, focus on something else & to make a dream come true, shortly after my diagnosis I signed up at HOFA-College to get my certification as an audio engineer which I did!

Currently, I am working to finish my diploma ( two more classes ) & then I am shooting for my Bachelors

Before I forget!!

The HOFA CONTEST is still ongoing until August 6th 2019.

Would you be so kind & give me your vote if you like it? 🙌🎶💕

Thank you from the bottom of my heart in advance for your kind support! 🙌🎶

Had to sneak that shameless self-promotion in there I am an indie-artists peeps, hehe, <3

I wish you ALL a superb day & leave you with my track "Just Be"...

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Grats on the 2 1/2 Years being cancer free, that is amazing! Rock on D!

Thank you T! Always you know that!! <3

This is so awesome. Congrats on the two and a half years of being cancer free!!

Thank you so much @derangedvisions <3 NEVER GIVE UP!! <3

Glad to know yesterday was a special day for you, and having the strength to beat down that horse shit and look back from the other side, as I said on Twitter - all the reason to live life to the fullest 💪✊😃

And yeah, fuck cancer 🖕

Thank you so much @skaarl <3
Yeah man, live life to the fullest!! Life is beautiful!! <3

Congrats and may your life be blessed

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Thank you @ganjafarmer <3 I wish you the same <3

You are welcome!

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Rock on baby! ❤️

Always honey, always!! <3

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We are so proud of you for kicking cancer's ass and staying free for the last 2.5 years! Stay awesome D-Vine <3

Thank you @emalliance for all your love & support!! EMA RULES!! <3

So do you and the SOTA crew! One love - MUSIC!


Oh wow, congratulations 😙💕👍

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Thank you @wakeupkitty <3

You're an inspiration my demented and euphoric friend :) I'm so happy you kicked that little bastard out and to have met you online - congratulations on 2.5 years free, here's to a happier days :)

Thank you so are you my demented and euphoric friend <3

Thank you for your lovely words, I am happy our paths have crossed!!
I sure we will meet in person someday, you being the traveler you are & maybe you will come to my birthday event in January with musicians from my city & artists I met here :)
I am also planning on being 3 years cancer-free then too so double party, weeeehhh!

I remember us talking about it when I was in Australia! I'd love to come, which weekend in January was it? Seem to remember it being around the same time as my brother's birthday. But there's a few EMAliens in your neck of the woods too! It sounds like it will be an awesome weekend!

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Yes, we did! It's planned for the 11th of January :)
Would be awesome if you could make it, weeeehhh!

D I'm so happy to hear this.....congrats and much love to you!❤️

Thank you D that makes me so happy that it makes you so happy, hehe <3
Much love & huggins coming your way <3

I can relate to this story so much. In 2002 i had neurologists tell me the same. I never listened to them. That diet with selenium q10 & enzymes, the fasts and going alkaline is so close to me living plant based. What an amazing story. Dieser post gibt so viel power und inspiration und bewegt mich grad total 😊vielen Dank

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Hiya @yangyanje thank you <3
So happy to read you are well, woohooo! Pfff doctors!

Danke das du mir geschrieben hast, es freut mich das mein Post dir Power und Inspiration gibt, deine Worte tun das für mich. I am touched <3 <3 <3