Airdrop ftw!

in palnet •  9 months ago 

Airdrop ftw!

So I randomly found out a few minutes ago that I had received a auedrop from bitpanda which is the app I use for transfers. I have gotten 30$ worth of crypto for being a user.


I immediately converted that into steem and got 180 steem and put up an new lease for around 7k sp + and smaller one for 1k sp on @dlease


This is the transfer from @blocktrades :D.


My other lease runs out in 7 days and I wouldn't manage to get 100steem to lease it again, so this is amazing! This will help towards my goal of 10k sp by the end of 2021 :D
I did think about investing in the upcoming month and I might. It does depend on my expensives :D

But hey! Have a good dag!

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Thank you @cwow2 for reducing your CO2 footprint with the CO2 Compensation Coin (COCO) 👍 @co2fund

Sweet. Free crypto is always good. Adds up to even more STEEM. these are the little bits that will get you to 10k over time.

Yes. Its amazing! I had no idea of the airdrop haha.
I haven't even got any mail from them! So this is awesome!

If its not taken by tomorrow. I think I will split it up into 1k Sp leases. So more people can take them :D

Your spelling sucks...u must be drunk or very excited..😎

What do you mean?! :D I spelled airdrop wrong I can see that. What else? XD
And I was excited yes, but english is neither my naive langauge :p

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

..Expensives ...Have a good dag...😃's nothing bro...I just wanted to mess with you...I'm probably more drunk..😎😛
Just wanted to mess with ya..

Ohh. Haha. I was in a hurry and I didn't read it again xD
No worries dude, you can mess with me as much as you want :p