Looking For Positives Amid Junk Status

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Yesterday Moody's Investment Services downgraded South Africa to Junk status. What it means is that any investment bonds with certain financial houses have to be pulled out as the risk is too high. The Rand will weaken even more which is never a good sign whilst you are living here. Any way we have to try and be positive and look forwards.to better days ahead. Hive now needs to perform miracles as my currency is going downhill.

This downgrading in rating couldn't have come at a worse time really with 3 weeks of a lock down just started. I can't believe it has only been 2 days with 19 to go and hoping it isn't extended. The Police and Army were possibly a little harsh yesterday in their treatment of some citizens , but they are trying to get a message across and quickly.


No humans around and the Dolphins come out to play on the Durban sea front this morning.

The other bad news was the internet has been disrupted as a break in the Seacom line between the UK and Portugal has occurred. Hopefully it wont take too long this time as the last outage was nearly a month. Couldn't have happened at a worse time as watching Internet TV is going to be a challenge and the only thing really working is Netflix.
I have been trying to see the whole point of this and I do understand why even though I am never sick. I am hoping to see less pollution in the sky as the brown grunge layer that is normally over head should of at least dissipated in a few weeks. This was one of the first things scientists noticed when the Chinese shut down their industry.

I think the large majority of us are lucky and we don't even know it. Our daily problems are nothing compared to what some have to put up with. I saw an article after yesterdays show down in the townships that the goverment is now fining people for leaving their houses.One of the guys complaining yesterday says he shares a room with 5 other people which seems to be a fairly common problem.

I just don't see this working out well as 21 days with no pay is not going to sit very well. The first week is fine, but most of the people barely scrape through each month so how are they going to eat for the final week. Unless there are food drops coming there will be unrest for sure. What is surprising is the locals are more worried about lack of alcohol as they haven't worked out the problem of having no food in two weeks time yet. Ignorance and a lack of understanding is definitely going to create problems very soon.

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