Lock Down Day One (Learning The Hard Way)

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It is quite amazing watching the events unfold around the country. South Africa is basically under martial law for the next 3 or 4 weeks or even possibly longer. The Minister Of Defence had to stress to the public to not tantalize the soldiers and also remind the soldiers the public is not the enemy. A bit strange if you ask me.

I watched a report from the mayor of Bergamo in Northern Italy where he says he moved his two daughters out of England back to Italy's epicenter as it will be safer. I believe him as the rest of the world is not taking this seriously enough. The UK and the States are in for a bumpy ride. South Africa financially cannot afford a bumpy ride as we are still building up our coffers after Zuma emptied them. There is no extra money for this and it needs to be fixed now.

The Army and Police are using heavy armed tactics that the rest of the world may frown upon. I am hoping it will quieten down in a few days. What we all have to remember is the public has never really seen law and order and that is the honest truth.


The ANC which is now the government led a revolution struggle against Apartheid asking the people to take up arms and fight against what was then the law and order. The people have no respect for the Police or the Army and have been allowed to basically do whatever they have wanted.

The snowflakes in South Africa (under 30's) have no idea what proper policing is and maybe they will show a bit more respect going forward. A little discipline did no one any harm and if they don't listen it will be beaten into them. I am from the old school and believe this is what they need right now to get into line.

Ignorance and complacency amongst the people thinking that they rule the streets has given them a rude awakening. The country needs this more than ever as crime is literally out of control. I am hoping this changes things and possibly the softly softly approach has now gone. The people wont be laughing after the weekend as they know the Government is serious about this now.

South Africa has had open borders since 1994 and truthfully have no idea how many people are living here now. The population figure has remained constant around the 54 million mark for 20 years which is impossible. The AIDS figure has remained constant at 7.7 Million which is also impossible as many believe both figures are a lot higher. The Government is worried as they possibly know how high those figures are really and are trying to protect a disaster from occurring as these people are the ones who vote for them in the elections.

I have no idea why certain videos won't open on this. but will drop the links here for you to view. They show a flavor of what is going on as the public are coming to terms with being told what to do. There is so much ignorance going on it is ridiculous as everyone sees it as a holiday and not a lock down. The locals cannot hold their drink and become mouthy after a while so
you can understand the Army having no patience and as they call it they are there to "kick and beat". This was on National television as they call it "skop en donner".

Looting day one, bottle store hit.
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