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RE: Great news, we all start from zero.

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I'm so happy to hear your PAL story... the reasons you love the Discord are the reasons this is all so close to my heart. <3 There will be lots to come, with a visual refresh, and new ways to move around the platform. I'm excited to see you've tried it out. A good way to think of it is like a companion and expansion to Steem!

Everything you do here will be reflected on Steem interfaces as well; if you hold PALcoin staked, it's like powering up your Steem into SP. It will allow you to allocate rewards in both tokens while voting on content all over this front end, and all Steem front ends if the palnet tagged is used. Overall, we're just really excited to try to get people excited about engaging, sharing, and being social again. It's a big experiment that we're pretty stoked to be be a part of, so thanks for taking the time to share!


Thank you for your kind answer @crimsonclad, I like to try new things and even more if they're backed by people that I respect and admire like is this case, so it's my pleasure to try this new frontend (I feel that is much more than just that) as you said complementary to steemit.

I'm willing to participate in this more that I have been doing in steemit lately, as was more focused on enjoying SM than in contributing to the community.

Ty again for the extra info in your second paragraph and your warm welcome. Best wishes for you and this exciting project. Cheers :).