will the corona virus effect the NFL: my thoughts

in palnet •  2 months ago 

Greetings sports fans.

My post today will be based around the NFL and corona-virus

Let's jump straight in

So over here in the UK and most of the world every major sporting event and sports themselves have all been suspended or completely cancelled until next season.

Am i worried about the NFL? YES.

Despite it being very early in the year what needs to be taken into account is the possibility of a second wave of the virus. It has been predicted that if we get over this virus and return to normal living the virus could easily come back and do what it has done again.

the Draft has already been slightly effected however it is as of right now still going ahead as planned.

with the US putting certain states in lock down and the possibility of blocking cross state travel who know what could happen.

hopefully this will all be cleared up before the NFL season.

what do you guys think ? please do get in touch below.

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