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RE: - HIVE in reward pool, BeeSWAP, Update on popularity

in #palnetlast year

I just bought a card for 4 steem and I got a garbage dump. I don't know what I need to do next...


Garbage dump is a good card later in game (with at least 10 different cards).
Now it is only damaging your city with its negative popularity.

I would offer a swap: your dump for 1 homeless, 1 immigrant and 1 restaurant card. Should be a fair offer, if anyone offers more: feel free to post here :)

If you are interested: simply send the garbage dump to my account (hamsterpoweriii). Will notice it and send the promised cards right back to you 😀
(A reply here would help to fasten up the resend even more ^^)

I will keep it and grow my city with it while learning the game. I bought 4 more cards this morning.


Then I would at least suggest that you put it on the market for a very high amount (just say 100 steemp, noone will buy it).
This way you wont suffer its heavy -30 population penalty for not having 10 other different card types.

Edit: Ah, already done :) gj ^^

Yes, put it for 12 Steemp and bought 6 cards and reached position 179 on the chart.