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RE: Watching My Girlish Figure

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Ah I know it can't be easy so well done and keep it up I hope you reach your goals @littlescribe but don't get too little, the settling doesn't seem like a bad option at all


After I posted this article, I went and looked in the mirror just to see how I compared, and I think in some ways, I'm very similar. Although, her cup size is decidedly larger than mine! But still, I'm kinda squooshy in places I'd rather not be squooshy in. It's the athlete in me I think. I grew up as a swimmer, soccer player, and water polo-ist. So I am not used to having to struggle with shape or metabolism. It's a bit foreign. Not sure what to make of it. Other than, well, cut back on the cupcakes! HAHA!

Thanks for the encouragement though! Honestly, I prefer option B anyway. Healthier looking, and frankly I think I would feel out of place as option A. Way too skinny. So I'm glad we're on the same page there.

Skinny is kind of overrated.

Well if you grew up being so active your muscles don't soon forget maybe the metabolism isn't has quick as it used to be and needs a little encouragement but once you get going the effects start to take hold and yeah cutting back on cupcakes really helps.

Then maybe we should change your name from littlescribe to voluptuousscibe lol!

Haha! Voluptuscribe! I love it. And actually, you are right about that metabolism. I always had a great one until I hit kid #3. Then it sort of tanked. Plus....some added stress.

But I think I'm in a better burn state these days. And it should improve if I get out and move those feet, which I couldn't do for about 6 months due to the injury in my foot (see previous post). But now I can!

So I have no excuse other than I'd rather blog and hang out on Discord!!!