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Good morning my dear Steemians!

Life is not so easy but the word never surrender is the best that I could be. Think positively and keep on moving on forward is the best remedy to overcome. I tried being away from my family for the sake of seeming my mother and stay with her.
2016,I went on Saudi Arabia trying my luck but it was not granted for me. But I considered it as the great achievement of my mother @olivia08, spending a lot of money just to helped me coming There. Sad to say that I was not so happy on that moment. My wife had just delivered our youngest daughter and the eldest one was away 14 month. My visa was already here and plane tickets so I must leave my family.

I came Saudi for ten month, working as an aircon technician with the help of my mother 's boss. Unfortunately, Saudi was changing its labor law. I was affected so I decided to leave my mother. Living with her was my first priority because she left me behind when I was 7years old. She often spending vacation. Though it's hard I must go away from Saudi Arabia. I knew my mother was sad but I decided it for my own family, my two daughter.

I got a job quickly in a company but I was not contented due to the time schedule of my work and low salary. But I worked for a year but till seaching for a better one. I tried my best for my family and I will never surrender.

We are also selling empanada and it helped us a lot. I drive at night and earned too. I did everything for my family.

Yesterday I was so busy preparing my new job. I hope we God will help me for my family and my mother @olivia08. I thank the new administration of our municipality that I they accepted me. My dream of going abroad is still in my mind. I think it would be better but I have to think it over and over again. God only knows it. I entrust my life our life to Him above.

Just sharing my story and more next time. Thank you @olivia08 and to all here in steemit community.


Truly yours,


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