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RE: "Too old to skate too young to care " Original song and skateboard footage

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fuck yeah dude love the ethos here :) Great process video and great result! Love the song :) The slow mo wreck at the end is a great ending... well, maybe not a great ending for you LOL Love you brother

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Thanks Carl hope you and the family are doing OK , hope to see you on the discord for a chat this whole hive thing got me confused . I understand the basics like how and why it has happened but maybe not the finer details .

If you know the basics of how and why it happened that is most of it. Hive is going to be (at the beginning) an exact replication of Steem, just with the Steemit Inc stake removed and a small change to the witness voting rule designed to prevent exchanges from easily staking funds and voting to overthrow the witnesses.

Just go to after the fork, your same username will be there, all your previous post / comments / interactions / etc. You will use your same keys. Nothing really changes from the user perspective, but once you start posting from your posts and interactions will be in the Hive blockchain instead of the Steem blockchain.