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RE: And then it happened - MY TEENAGER HAS A GIRLFRIEND

in #palnetlast year

This is hilarious :) I am still a long ways off from this with my two boys (5 and 3) but my eldest did just say to me the other day, thoughtfully, "I think I want to chase some girls around the field" (we have a big pasture out back of our house) LOL BTW the correct tag for CCC is #creativecoin


Heya Proud papa. Is your partner in making babies a part of the steemitmamas yet?

If not, we would LOVE to have her.

We mostly read each others posts and give women a safe space to learn about crypto on discord. Have her click on any of our banners and she will surely be welcome with open arms.

@metzli curating for @steemitmamas.

@dillemma is on Steem but is unlikely to post again anytime soon. In any event, I am the housewife LOL I am the full time stay at home dad while she brings home the bacon. I do all the housecleaning, laundry, dishes, shopping, take care of the kids and have a hot meal on the table when she gets home from work.

Oh dear! That's how it all starts....wanting to chase the girls around the field!! GOOD LUCK!! Hahah.

Thanks for the heads up, the first time I have tried to use the tag.