Where is my Payout?

in #palnetlast year (edited)


One week ago I made my first post on Palnet and I got some decent votes. But when I tried to claim my reward on Palnet.io something went wrong...after a long loading period the Pal Tokens actually never showed up in my Wallet.

I also checked my Steem-Engine wallet but no Pal Tokens there neither.


Whoow ...

I'm curious where there are and what went wrong.

Did this happen to anyone else?

..Hopefully at least the curators got their rewards.


I've been collecting rewards, but I'm not able to stake them (Power Up). They probably still have some glitches to work out, as the project is new.

Yeah it seems so. This is some glivh I didn't have myself. You can try to stake them via Steem-Engine Wallet by clicking on the look symbol:


WOW! It worked! Thanks Bro! I was trying to stake them from within the PalNet wallet. Now their staked!

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