Trip to Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Office. **Finger Printed**

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I had to make a trip up to Denver today to get my state marijuana badge renewed along with a couple of the licenses we hold. This is a yearly process but, every other year here you must get a new set of finger prints taken. I thought I would snap a few pictures so you can see the process we have here in Colorado to be licensed to sell or grow Medical & Recreational marijuana.

The review and renewal process is literally a mountain of paperwork that must be filled out every hear. It's so redundant it's almost laughable but I guess they need to know everything to make someone a legalized "drug dealer" as some people would call it.

I dont personally view marijuana as a drug AT ALL but more of a preventative and treatable ailment plant that has magical powers for masses of people. Let me be clear, I am VERY against drugs and especially compound drugs prescribed by big pharma. I have seen marijuana help so many people for so many different things with my own two eyes.

First they take your picture and make a plastic ID card for you.

Then it's off to get a full set of finger prints from about every single angle possible. There is no possible way I could ever touch a single thing and not have a print match up in a data base right now. Thank God I'm not a criminal.

The fees to get this done is $500.00 for each partner on a license and the license renewal is about 2k per license you hold. We currently have 6 or 7 licenses so a large chunk of our money goes to this process every year and it always feels like we get charged a massive amount for very little just to have a license to do this. I guess they make the rules so we just have to play by them. The amount of sales tax and federal+state income tax this plant is generating is mind boggling in Colorado alone. Hopefully someday the federal government will treat us as full fledged businessmen and not "marginal criminals"....the banking regulations suck and are almost discrimination level, the tax write offs are laughable and the regulations are tighter than most other industries. We generate so much money and get treated like second class businesses. It's a shame really. Wake up America, wake up Government, it's time to accept the fact that marijuana has a rightfull place in our society!

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Cool of them letting you take pictures while they finger print

Many people tend to misjudge marijuana and believe it is an hard drug. I believe marijuana is a very important drug to the health benefit which all country should legalise

I don’t even think it should be called a drug—it’s just weed. A flowering plant who produces a flower due to water and sunlight (photosynthesis).

Exactly but many people have misinterpreted it as a hard drug. A pathetic they don't know the benefit

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Agreed. I’m from California, right? Weed is legal and easier to get ahold of than a cup of coffee.

In the UK, HIGHLY illegal here, young 16-18 year old kids can smoke cigarettes and it’s acceptable but if you even so much as hint toward marijuana in a smoke shop, for example, say something about weed when purchasing rolling papers, they’ll refuse you service. Doesn’t make sense.

My thought is that all forms of THC are medicinal. This distinction of recreational and medicinal is a game that central authority used with alcohol so that folks can't distill thier 97 proof in their home still.

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You guys are far ahead of us here in PA. We have one "dispensary" where the windows are all frosted over, with no real branding showing. If you didn't know what it was beforehand, you'd think it was an abandoned store. We need some of that rarified Colorado air to waft over here...

I find the process ridiculous, to be honest with you. Most BANKS still won't handle the money, but, the government will surely take the tax money.

Something wrong with that? You think? Don't you think it is time to mainstream this so you don't have to feel dirty every time you sell it? If the government really felt that way, they wouldn't let you sell it. Or perhaps they were just getting tired of NOT collecting the tax money on it?

Either way, what a process and they are certainly taking their pound of flesh from you!! Yikes!


I Think Jeff Berwick says it Best Bronc, when did you become an Anarchist ??

Of Course You and I know the TRUE Definition of Anarchy.......I Like a and c from the choices in the definition.....

Definition of anarchy. 1a : absence of government. b : a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority the city's descent into anarchy. c : a utopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without government.

Wow, looks like quite the process. I kind of feel like the fees and regulations are in place to keep the average person from starting a business in the industry. Big Parma has the lock down on "medicine" essentially already, and it seems like the barriers are in place so that big pharma can control this "new" up and coming medicine as they can more easily afford the costs and such. A lot of pharmaceutical companies are buying up the marijuana farms - I heard or read somewhere? It's about maintaining power during transition. Big pharma doesnt want competition they want to maintain the status quo. It's all just a theory lol. I dont actually know directly. But It's awesome that you broke through the barriers and are successful. Well done.

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Cool stuff. Glad your state is leading the way on this issue. Keep paving the way and showing your process. #gobrowns ;)

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Federal legalization would be nice! It has transformed Canada...people seem much calmer for some reason!

Amen! That is discrimination because your business mostly sells your product to individuals identified as having a disabling condition, many defined under ADA and OCR regulations.

One could potentially argue that these special regulations assigned to only these types of small business/owners prohibits your ability to provide quality product and ample stock to your customers. These regulations are discriminatory against individuals with disabilities by obstructing their access to prescribed medication.

Just sayin-

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That great to see work done

Good. Marijuana have its own benefit when it comes to health and should not only be look at as hard drugs

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I'm surprised to hear that your country is legalized for Marijuana users and dealers. Is it for medical purposes only? In my country many young people are damaged by Marijuana. And the penalties for users and dealers are also very severe.

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It's not wise to let marijuana take its rightful place in medicine!

So well said. I find it funny there is federal tax. They shouldn't get to reap the benefits. I absolutely don't mind pay the tax on weed but I do not think we should tax milk and items. I do hope the government figures it out. And soon!

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